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Jesus the Jew as Told by his Brother James
March 10, 2017

Theater Review Jesus the Jew as Told by his Brother James Playing now through March 26 at the Greenhouse Theater, Chicago I received an unexpected call from the marketing director of Greenwood Theater, a local theater here in Chicago. The owner of the theater, William Spatz, wrote a play called Jesus the Jew as Told […]

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Three Jewish Bubbies
December 18, 2013

You saw the abbreviated version in Bits from the Branches but there’s much more to this poignant story of three Jewish grandmas and the gospel.

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A Dream that Leads to Reality

A Dream That Leads to Reality
December 29, 2012

A soft-spoken woman named Josie called our office. Her tone, soft as it was, practically screamed ‘SINCERE AND OPEN.’ Josie told me what led her to look into Jesus. Her mother was Jewish and married a nominal Catholic. Josie was raised Jewish, but because of her parents’ marriage, she always had a sense of spiritual […]

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Jeremiah Zaretsky Bio
January 1, 1970

Jeremiah Zaretsk is the Jews for Jesus branch leader in Chicago. This page introduces Jeremiah and his wife Hannah and talks about their ministry via direct Jewish evangelism, worship, teachings, and outreach to the Christian church community. Read more, watch videos, or connect with Jeremiah from this page.

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