Who’s the Subject of Isaiah 53? You Decide!

Explore the passage of Jewish Scripture that the rabbis deemed too dangerous to keep in the regular synagogue calendar readings. Get the whole scoop on Isaiah 53.

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Immanuel: God With Us

Immanuel: God With Us The notion that God would want to appear alongside his creation to care for and instruct us is not just a comforting thought. That a Creator would not want to be close to what he created is contrary to instinct and understanding. The theological...

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Guess Who’s Coming to the Seder?

Every year Macabbi Tel Aviv faces off against its rival, Hapoel Tel Aviv, in a soccer match. The game is filled with tension and excitement as a packed house stands and cheers non-stop for ninety minutes. Accolades and bragging rights will fall to the winner. Yet the...

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Back to Berlin: Reflections from Behold Your God
April 1, 2006
Topics: moishes musings

I had never been to Berlin before August 2005, yet I felt as though I was returning. Thoughts of Berlin have occupied much thought, study and yes, anguish in my life as a Jew. This was the center of the Nazi war effort. This was where Adolph Hitler gave orders in his...

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Tel Aviv Day of Evangelism
May 1, 2005

We hand out our unique gospel tracts here in Tel Aviv on a regular basis. However, in February, senior missionary Dan Sered, along with Yoel ben David, one of our approved students at Israel College of the Bible, wanted to have a special morning-to-night intense day...

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Trees from the Forest: The State of Evangelism in Israel

Here in Israel there are no experts” on evangelism. There are many believers who are doing the work of evangelism, but most of us are in the middle of the task and cannot see the trees from the forest. While there are no experts, there is no lack of opinions or...

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Israeli Independence Day
May 1, 2000

Playful children run, clutching candied apples in one hand and squirting foam string with the other. They bop one another on the head with toy mallets that make a gong sound upon impact. This could be a scene at the birthday party of four or five-year-olds, but it...

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Persecution of Ethiopian Believers in Israel

The Ethiopian messianic community in Israel developed as a result of Operation Solomon, beginning in 1990. Included in the earliest immigrations to Israel were some of the Jewish believers, pastors and elders from Ethiopia. Once settled in the Land, they organized...

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Reflections on the Festival of Lights in Israel
December 1, 1999

There is something special in the December air of Jerusalem. The first rains have washed the skies and streets clean. Surrounding hills shimmer with a new growth of green grass. The sun sets early and, though the night seems long, there is an air of festivity. It is...

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Through Various Means
October 1, 1999

Methods of evangelism certainly have come a long way since Philip met up with the Scripture-reading Ethiopian along the Gaza road. Now people witness along different roads, including airways, cyberspace and subway stations. Still, the message of the gospel remains the...

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If Gates Could Speak
February 1, 1999

On the west side of the ancient city of Jerusalem stands the Jaffa Gate. Its magnificent doors stand open, beckoning those who pass by to enter—wide open and willing to receive any visitors or residents who choose to pass through the ancient walls of Jerusalem. If...

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Sukkot in Israel
October 1, 1998

In America, it seems as though the entire country becomes caught up in the Christmas and New Year season—even those who do not know who Jesus is and are not celebrating His birth. In a way, Israel experiences a similar phenomenon with the Festival of Sukkot. Frankly,...

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We Can’t Do It Alone
February 1, 1998

Our Jews for Jesus branch in Moscow sent me the name of a Russian immigrant in Ashkelon (Southern Israel) who had expressed some interest in the gospel. She gladly received me when I offered to visit, and while she did not come to faith, she did invite me back for a...

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A Study on Biblical Concepts of Peace in the Old and New Testaments
December 1, 1997
Topics: charts

A Study on Biblical Concepts of Peace in the Old and New Testaments To see the chart in its original context, click here and go to page 4 Peace in the Tenach (Jewish Scriptures)—shalom שָׁלוֹם‎ Peace in the New Testament—eirene εἰρήνη Word Origin and Meaning The root...

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Is There Hope in Israel?
October 1, 1997

Armed with a clipboard, a few Bibles and a handful of gospel tracts, I headed for a busy street in a Tel Aviv shopping district, ready to stop people with a simple question: Are you waiting for the Messiah? I conducted this unofficial survey” on a Friday...

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A Stronghold For Today? The Lesson of Masada

The history of the Jewish stronghold is but one instance of when death is not necessarily a defeat.

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The Message Is Being Heard Everywhere
January 1, 1994

One of the oldest Jewish communities in the world today outside of Israel is in Syria. Interestingly enough, it is also one of the first Jewish communities in the Diaspora to have heard the gospel message. The Book of Acts, chapter 9, tells us that Saul of Tarsus was...

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The Promised Child

A look at Isaiah’s prophecy regarding God himself dwelling among people.

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No Escape From Opportunity
August 1, 1993
Topics: our stories

One bright spring morning I woke up early to go and meet a man I had been discipling. When I got out of bed I felt very weak, but I shook it off, figuring that it was nothing a little more sleep couldn’t cure. Was I ever wrong! By afternoon I found myself in the...

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The Right Connection
October 1, 1992

During our Summer Witnessing Campaigns we set up a hotline to handle the many phone calls we get during this time of intense evangelism. It can get very steamy on our hotline. Some of the calls are less than polite and outside the scope of decent conversation. They...

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Jacob’s Journey of Faith
September 1, 1992

Jacob’s journey of faith began when he was a medical student in Moscow 16 years ago. Odd as it may seem, this Jewish physician began his quest to learn more about Yeshua while he was studying at a university in communist Russia. Jacob’s curiosity led him...

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Still Jews, Forever Jewish

What was it like in Israel between 66 C.E. and 132 C.E.—a time of war and transition? The events of 70 C.E. were a watershed which molded and shaped much of what Judaism has become, and it was a forge upon which the character of a nation was determined. If we are ever...

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Jacob’s Prophecies
March 1, 1990

As he lay dying, Jacob’s spirit rose to prophetic stature. The words he spoke to his sons were his last will and testament. Unlike the material or financial gifts associated with bequests today, Jacob’s bequests consisted of prophetic utterances and a...

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Yeshua and Israel

The Jewish religion is not static, fixed in ancient times. New rulings of rabbinical interpretation of the law meet the modern milieu and even a new Jewish holiday can find its way onto the calendar. The fifth day of the month of Iyyar marks the anniversary of the day...

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Earthshaking Opportunities: Opportunities Out of Tragedy
January 1, 1990

The earth shook and rippled with a frightening force. High-rise buildings swayed and people trembled. October 17, the day the earthquake struck San Francisco, is a time all who were here will long remember. When the earthquake struck at 5:04, I was at Candlestick Park...

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August 1, 1989

Several factors determine where we go to hand out our Jews for Jesus gospel tracts. Sometimes we carefully plan tract distribution around a special event. A parade, the opening of a large department store in a busy downtown district, the evening rush hour foot traffic...

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An Airport Encounter
March 1, 1989

In 1987 the United States Supreme Court upheld the rights of Jews for Jesus by declaring airports to be public forums. This meant that the highest court in the land recognized those thriving hubs of urban transportation as places where the first amendment could be...

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A Tailor-Made Invitation
November 1, 1987

Every person is unique. Our individuality is not expressed only in how we speak, or what we wear, or even the brand of cola we drink. Perhaps the one thing that most emphasizes our uniqueness is the different way that God uses to bring each of us to faith in Yeshua....

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You’re Never Too Old
March 1, 1987
Topics: aging

A long-standing question tossed around by theologians, scholars and the merely curious is this: What is the earliest age at which someone becomes accountable to God in acknowledging the Messiah and being responsible for his or her sins? However, there is another...

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The Role of the Mediator: Who Can Stand for Us?

The Role of the Mediator: Who Can Stand for Us? An air of intensity hung over the little synagogue. It was stifling as the men of the congregation stood together, solemn in prayer, deep in concentration. Heads covered with tallisim, some of the men took on the...

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A Family Witness
October 1, 1986

As a missionary with Jews for Jesus, I have become quite experienced in discussing serious issues with people I barely know. Many opportunities arise here in the San Francisco branch for me to talk to unbelieving strangers about Yeshua. They may be those with whom I...

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My Name Change

Most children are given the regular complement of names at birth. For me, however, having been born into a Jewish home, I was given another name along with the regular designations. Not only was I Fred Goldstein” but at my bris my parents added a Yiddish...

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Purim, A Time for Celebration
March 1, 1985

Hag Purim, Hag Purim, Hag gadol shel yeladim.” “The Feast of Purim, the Feast of Purim, a great holiday for the children,” proclaims this little song. It resounds throughout the streets of Israel during the Purim celebration which is also called the...

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