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A Valentine’s Day story for you
February 9, 2017
Author: Jews for Jesus

This love story is shareable on so many levels, and not only for Valentine’s Day.

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If Jesus is the Messiah
May 22, 2014
Author: Susan Perlman

Why all the suffering in the world? Why isn’t there real and lasting peace? Why all the persecutions in the name of Jesus? Why don’t rabbis believe in him? Why doesn’t he say so? There is an answer for each of these questions, if you are interested. Of course, if you’re only looking to disprove […]

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Renee and Richard: A True Love Story
Author: Richard Abend

I never thought I’d get married, for the simple reason that I never thought I would ever meet someone who would love me just for who I am, faults and all. And then I met Renee Shulman…

Renee and I met one afternoon at Queens College through the Hillel group on campus. I was studying geology and had just returned from a field trip. My jeans were filthy and the rest of me wasn’t too clean either. I walked into the room where Hillel was meeting, sort of wondering why I was there. Truth be told, I would have rather been by myself or playing table tennis, but someone had told me I should drop by Hillel and so here I was.

From what I was told later, I understand that Renee, who had been chatting with a group of her girlfriends, stopped mid-conversation when she saw me. Then she pointed me out to her friends and said, “I’m going to marry that guy.” Grubby jeans and all.

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Marcia, Jesus was a Jew; he came for the Jewish people. He came for you.
Author: Allison S.

Those words were spoken to my mother by my friend’s mother when I was nine years old, and while they made a distinct impression on me, it wasn’t until sixteen years later that I considered them in a personal way. I grew up in an upper middle-class, Conservative Jewish home in the suburbs of Kansas. […]

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Spielberg’s Munich, and the Prospects for Peace
January 3, 2006
Topics: peace
Author: Jews for Jesus
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What Is Peace?
Topics: hanukkah, peace
Author: Susan Perlman

Everyone is for peace. No one is against it. Yet, how do we assess whether or not peace is possible in our day? Perhaps we can begin by asking ourselves, What is that very elusive quality we call peace?” To terrorists or tyrants, getting peace means eliminating those who stand in their way—but what they […]

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A Forbidden Peace
Author: Naomi Rothstein

How certain Jews and Arabs have learned to love each other.

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Hineni: Here Am I, God, But Where Are You?
Author: Tuvya Zaretsky

A despairing Jewish drug counselor finds hope in an unlikely place.

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Taking the Red Pill: Beyond the Matrix to Real Life
Topics: israel, jesus, peace
Author: Naomi Rothstein

Exploring biblical themes from the context of the film, the Matrix.””

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Why Do the Nations Rage? Does the Bible Say Anything About the Middle East Conflict?
Topics: endtimes, israel, peace
Author: Darrell Bock

Can the God of Israel be left out of our hope for peace?

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Remembering September 11: Reflections from a Messianic Jewish Perspective
Author: Jews for Jesus

Six interviews from Messianic Jewish Americans about 9/11.

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Past Oppression, Present Excuse?
Topics: holocaust, peace, sin
Author: Ruth Rosen

What can happen when we take our sufferings out of their historical context.

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They Gave Me Six Months to Live… 1-1/2 Years Ago
Author: Alan Glickman

: A Jewish man with emphysema finds comfort and strength in his Messiah.

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Is Dr. Laura’s Message Really Good Medicine?
Author: Naomi Rothstein

Is this convert to Orthodox Judaism correct in enforcing a strict moral code?

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The Journey
Author: Alan Shore

A young Jewish man’s spiritual quest takes him around the globe but the truth he’s seeking takes him by surprise.

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Bits from the Bagel Branches
January 1, 1998
Topics: jesus, peace
Author: Jews for Jesus

Jewish evangelists witness to Gentiles, too! From our mobile branch,” The Liberated Wailing Wall team leader, Garrett Smith, reports, “As I was witnessing to a woman named Lynne who was cutting my hair, I recommended Chuck Colson’s book, Loving God. Then I gave her our post office box number and invited her to let me […]

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A Welcome Interruption
December 1, 1997
Topics: charts, peace, the bible
Author: Bruce Rapp

So here I am running for my telephone as its ringing interrupts me for the fourth time. Hello, this is Bruce, can I help you?” “Yes, do you do Jews for Jesus?” the nervous voice at the other end inquired. “Excuse me?” “I mean, this is Jews for Jesus, right?” Trying to be patient, I […]

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A Challenge: To Let Yourself Grow
November 1, 1997
Topics: peace, sukkot
Author: Moishe Rosen

Dear Friends, In Bible times, those who wanted the higher view, the deeper understanding, the straighter walk with God and the energy to enjoy it followed a spiritual exercise—SACRIFICE! We no longer need those animal sacrifices because Jesus has atoned for sin. All that we have—from our salvation to sturdy shoe laces—is because God, in […]

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