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Jesus and Jewish Suffering: a Perspective from Paris
Author: Joshua Turnil

If one were to give a hard and honest look at the heritage of Israel’s heroes, one would be forced to concede that it is not a triumphant past. Moses, at his apogee, came down from a holy mountain experience only to be “welcomed” by collective and unmitigated disloyalty in the shadow of the infamous […]

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Yartzheit for the Cardinal
Author: Joshua Turnil

Jean-Marie Lustiger walked nervously up to the dais to preside over his first mass. The church was packed and the silence palpable. Just as the young priest was about to speak, someone from the crowd yelled, “Get the Jews out!” Lustiger’s reply broke the stunned silence, “All right, if the Jews must leave, that means […]

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Not Half and Half, But Whole
Author: Jhan Moskowitz

When my sister and I talked about getting tattoos, and my father asked us not to, at first I couldn’t understand why. After all, he’s the laidback, ex-hippie type, so I couldn’t see why he would be so against it. It is only recently that I realized why. The first tattoo my father ever saw […]

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Things We Couldn’t Say
Author: David Brickner

Things We Couldn’t Say by Diet Eman/James Schaap. W. B. Eerdmans Publishing Co., 390 pgs., hardcover. Not enough stories have been told. Not enough trees have been planted outside Yad Vashem. Not enough accounts have been written of the heroic deeds of those righteous Gentiles” who risked everything to save Jews during the second World […]

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Letters from a Skeptic
March 1, 1995
Author: Bob Mendelsohn

Gregory A. Boyd and Edward K. Boyd. Wheaton, IL: Victor Books, 1994. 264 Pages. $9.99, cloth. This is a book for those looking for answers to life’s tough questions. These might be the issues of suffering and pain: Where was God when the six million died? Or they might be issues of philosophy: What room […]

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Am Yisrael Chai
Author: Moishe Rosen

Despite the Holocaust, the God and people of Israel live.

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If you want life, expect pain
Author: Susan Perlman

A person sensitized by suffering might well ask the question, If God exists and he is loving, why does everything hurt so much?” There are no easy answers that we can give because the “so much” is something that only he or she can know. Nobody can sense the meaning of another person’s “so much” […]

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Another Holocaust?
Author: Louis Goldberg

Another holocaust? Perish the thought! How can we bear to think of another horror when the European holocaust massacred six million Jewish people, one third of all Jews living at the time. Of the six million, one million were children. PAINFUL MEMORIES Difficult to Face Only in the last several years have our Jewish people […]

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Without Jews
Author: Jacob Glatstein

Without Jews there is no Jewish God. If we leave this world The light will go out in your tent. Since Abraham knew you in a cloud, You have burned in every Jewish face, You have glowed in every Jewish eye, And we made you in our image. In each city, each land, The Jewish […]

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Where was God When the Six Million Died?

God was mourning over the dead, the persecuted, those whose minds were scrambled with the lust for power. God was suffering along with every humiliation and each act of violence. God was weeping over the lost souls who were hurled namelessly into eternity. WHY DID GOD JUST SIT BACK AND LET IT HAPPEN? WHY DIDN’T […]

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In the Midst of Sorrow
Author: Kresha Warnock

Each Jew must develop some personal perspective on the horrors of Nazi Germany. Different conclusions have been drawn, and they are reflected in the literature of post-Holocaust Western Jewry. Rather than generalize about various responses, I would like to deal with just one—that of the poet Jacob Glatstein. Jacob Jacob Glatstein came to the United […]

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