No Longer Gambling with My Life
Author: Joseph Cohen

A seemingly harmless game of cards in high school led to a long-term gambling addiction…

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Is God a Crutch?
Author: Jews for Jesus

Many of us who believe in Jesus (especially those of us who are Jewish) hear from our non-believing friends and relatives that he is “only a crutch.” Robert Rosett, a family physician in California, remembers the first time, as a child, that he asked his...

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Wine for the Passover

A young Jew finds a personal exodus from his depression.

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The Benefits of Praise: A Procedure for Problem Solving
July 1, 1988
Topics: depression, praise
Author: Jews for Jesus

If it gave no other benefit, the praise of God would still be a most worthy worship endeavor. Nevertheless, aside from the spiritual advantage of enabling us to relate to the Lord in a proper way, praise provides certain psychological side benefits” in the midst...

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