Did He Or Didn’t He? Jewish Views of the Resurrection of Jesus
Author: David M.

Jewish scholars have paid more attention to the person of Yeshua (Jesus) in the last hundred years than they have in the previous nineteen hundred.

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Was Jesus’ death a violation of the commandment against human sacrifice?
June 30, 2011
Topics: death of jesus
Author: Jews for Jesus

Links Was Jesus’ Death a Violation of the Commandment Against Human...

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Three Days and Three Nights
March 30, 2007
Author: Rich Robinson

As Resurrection Sunday approaches, many Christians will wrestle with the following question: Matthew 12:40 states that Jesus would be in the ground “three days and three nights.” Doesn’t that make it impossible for Jesus to have been crucified on Friday and raised on...

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What About Yeshua’s Resurrection?
Author: Jews for Jesus

The resurrection of Yeshua is perhaps the most convincing vindication of his claims to be Messiah, especially since he predicted it. An assortment of explanations has been offered to explain away the resurrection as either non-historical (It never happened.”) or...

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