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Issues: Ways to Fight Anti-Semitism

9 Ways to Fight Anti-Semitism
Author: Arielle Randle

Anti-Semitism is on the rise. Within the last year, there have been multiple synagogue shootings and countless reports of anti-Semitic incidents. In times like these, one’s initial reaction is to take action, but what should we do? Here are 9 ways you can fight anti-Semitism.

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Anti-Semitism in France: Where Ancient History Meets Modern Rhetoric
Author: Joshua Turnil

What is it like to be a Messianic Jew living in Paris during this time of heightened anti-Semitism? Here is a sobering look at it and an exploration of what’s at the root of this problem.

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Why Including Christians in Jewish Traditions is Key to Fighting Anti-Semitism
Author: Isaac Brickner

Cultural appropriation is a serious offense. Where is the line between appropriation and appreciation? Can Christians participate in traditional Jewish celebrations without it turning into appropriation or leading to anti-Semitism? Does belief in Jesus invalidate Messianic Jewish people from continuing to observe Jewish traditions?

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Q & A – Is Christianity Anti-Semitic?
Author: Rich Robinson

Hatred of the Jewish people has been around as long as we have, and the Christian church has often been at the forefront of this persecution throughout history. Does this make Christianity anti-Semitic? What would Jesus have to say about how his people have been treated by those who claim to follow him?

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