Issues 20:07 Born That Man No More May Die

Born that Man No More May Die
Author: Lynn McCoy

When Harry Chapin led the crowd in singing a Christmas carol, this young Jewish woman found herself crying unexpectedly.

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Finding Spiritual Harmony
Author: Tuvya Zaretsky

“My Jewish husband doesn’t believe in Jesus, so how can I find spiritual harmony in our case?”

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December Conundrum…and Solution
Author: Susan Perlman

Who is the One who can unite us during the Hanukkah/Christmas season?

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A Kosher Christmas?
Author: Rich Robinson

If Jesus is the Messiah, maybe instead of Chinese food and comedy, we should think about celebrating his birth in Jewish style.

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Online Extras
Author: Jews for Jesus

Watch two funny Hanukkah/Christmas videos, enjoy our potato latke recipe, and learn why “Christmas is a Jewish Holiday” and why “Without Hanukkah There Would Be No Christmas.”

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