This web page is one way we are celebrating ministry for the Lord under the banner of Jews for Jesus. We started with a handful of Jewish believers sharing their faith in Jesus on the campuses and streets of the San Francisco Bay Area in the early 70s. Today, Jews for Jesus is an international ministry with a staff of 214 spread out over eleven countries and twenty cities. Since we started, over 800 people have faithfully served on our staff and have helped to make the messiahship of Jesus an unavoidable issue to millions of individuals. And together, we rejoice over what God has done! See who our partners are

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Letter from Dr. Jim Congdon
December 1, 2003
Author: Jim Congdon

There are two reasons why Topeka Bible Church supports Jews for Jesus. One, they have a unique calling from God. Two, they have been faithful to that calling. Perhaps their calling shouldn’t be unique. After all, the uniqueness consists in nothing more than an...

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Letter from Glenn and Alexandra Harris
Author: Glenn Harris

Reflections on a Decade with Jews for Jesus My name is Glenn Harris, but I have been called a lot of other names, particularly since I am Jewish and have been a follower of Jesus for twenty-two years now. For a little over ten of those years I served on the staff of...

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Letter from Iva Conrad
Author: Iva Conrad

When my husband, Warren Conrad, retired from the pastorate after 44 years, little did I realize how much I was going to love our next assignment, and how much I was going to learn. For a little over 5 years we had the wonderful privilege of working with Jews for Jesus...

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Letter from J. I. Packer
Author: J.I. Packer

Jews for Jesus is a worldwide Christian mission that was born against the background of California’s Jesus movement and has grown steadily ever since. Holding that Jesus of Nazareth — God incarnate, crucified, risen, and now reigning — is the true...

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Letter from Joe Bell
Author: Joe Bell

I am not ashamed of Jews for Jesus I grew up in a Conservative Jewish family in Newton, MA. In the fall of 1994 I was managing a furniture store in a mall outside of Boston, MA. My friend Amanda worked as the assistant manager of a shop across the hall. Amanda knew...

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Letter from John and Jennelle Pillitiere
Author: John Pillitiere

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, We started co-laboring in the Lord’s vineyard at Jews for Jesus in 1980. Jennelle commuted to 60 Haight Street for eight and one-half years, first serving as secretary to office manager Jeff Fritz, and then as Susan...

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Letter from John H. Orme
Author: John Orme

The New Testament and the Gospels in particular make it clear that Jesus of Nazareth fulfilled the prophecies of the Hebrew Bible both as to his person and his activities. Indeed, it is biblical to say that Christianity is Jewish. It is, therefore, perfectly normal...

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Letter from John Piper
Author: John Piper

To everyone who cares about truth and life and Jewish people, For almost two decades I have followed with joy the ministry of Jews for Jesus. I say with joy” because I love the gospel of the glory of Jesus the Messiah, and I love Jewish people, and I love bold,...

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Letter from Jonathan Markham

Dear Friends, As I write it is almost ten years to the day that a tired but very excited family disembarked from the jumbo jet that had carried them from the United Kingdom to begin a new life in San Francisco. Little did we know as we walked up the jetway that there...

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Letter from Joseph Stowell
Author: Joseph Stowell

I am convinced that sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ with our Jewish friends is of utmost importance in God’s plan for the world — and all the more as we draw closer to the return of Christ. By supporting Jews for Jesus, you are doing that in one of the...

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Letter from Josh and Rosemary
Author: Jews for Jesus

We had been married for two years when we joined the Liberated Wailing Wall. We were on the road for almost three years (Jan. 1999-October 2002) with two different teams. When we started out, we only planned to be on the team for 18-months, which was a pretty serious...

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Letter from Leighton Ford
Author: Leighton Ford

The first followers of Jesus were all Jews — women and men so touched and changed by him that they had to tell their friends and neighbors — yes, and their religious and political leaders — about him. When they were ordered to stop they said, We...

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Letter from Lois Link
Author: Lois Solberg

As a former staff member of Jews for Jesus, I want to take a moment to say how much my life has been enriched because of the time I spent with them. First of all, I was a gentile, on administrative staff. The missionaries on the Jews for Jesus staff must be a Jewish...

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Letter from David Brickner
August 1, 2003
Author: David Brickner

It is hard to believe we have entered the 30th year of ministry for Jews For Jesus. In these 30 years over 800 people have served the Lord with this mission. Together we have talked to hundreds of thousands of people about the Lord, introduced thousands more to faith...

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Letter from Sharon Freeman
February 7, 2003
Author: Sharon Freeman

Dear David, Moishe, and all of my other friends serving with Jews For Jesus, Shalom! I just wanted to take a moment to share with you and express my gratitude for all that I learned over the twelve years of serving with the ministry. The person whom God has brought me...

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Letter from Mark L. Bailey
February 3, 2003
Author: Mark Bailey

To whom it may concern: I have watched the ministry of Jews for Jesus for twenty-five years. I have known their chairman of the board, Byron Spradlin, for the same period. Susan Perlman now serves on the board of Dallas Theological Seminary, and I am pleased to call...

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Letter from Vernon Grounds
Author: Vernon Grounds

What a privilege it was to serve on the board of Jews for Jesus! I enjoyed that responsibility for 18 years and regretfully gave it up only because of advancing age (I am now 88). As an organization Jews for Jesus was operated with admirable efficiency (it still is)...

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Letter from Walter C. Kaiser, Jr.
January 31, 2003
Author: Jews for Jesus

Mr. David Brickner Jews For Jesus 10962 LeConte Avenue Los Angeles, CA 90024 Dear Friends of Jews for Jesus: It is a special delight for me to send my warm greetings and congratulations to Jews for Jesus as you approach your thirtieth anniversary. I have had the...

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Letter from Abraham Sandler
January 28, 2003
Author: Abraham Sandler

January 28, 2003 For more than 20 years I have known of and related to the Jews for Jesus organization. I have had their staff speak in my congregation that I pastored, and I have participated with them in various ministry endeavors. In all of my experience with them...

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Letter from Lev Leigh
January 5, 2003
Author: Lev Leigh

To whom it may concern, I served with Jews for Jesus for six years, from 1995 to 2000. During my time with the mission, I found Jews for Jesus to be a Christian ministry (or Messianic, if you prefer) with a passion for the good news about Jesus and a heartfelt...

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