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Jews for Jesus in Jerusalem: Season Two
April 10, 2019

Find out how thousands of conversations in 2018 led to these fruits in 2019.

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A good occasion to pray for the peace of Jerusalem

How can the celebration of Jerusalem Day be a shared experience between you and a Jewish friend?

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Soldier Saved in Tel Aviv

Two former soldiers bond over past experiences and also the Messiah.

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Two Conversations in San Francisco

An update from our Jews for Jesus missionaries in San Francisco.

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The Great Innovator: God’s Redemption Defies Expectation
March 19, 2019

God defies human expectations as He meets the deepest human needs, and invites His people to do likewise. That’s why innovation and creativity are a must when it comes to making the gospel known.

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Gospel hope shines in assisted care homes

Jesus loved and served people whom others had forgotten or marginalized. He calls us to do the same, and gives us many ways to answer that call. Here is one example from the Jews for Jesus branch in Los Angeles.

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Free from Addiction in Tel Aviv

We often ask you to pray for new Jewish believers in Jesus and are happy to report answers to prayer like this one!

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Pre-Evangelism: What Is It, Why Is It, and How You Can Do It Too
Topics: evangelism
Author: Ruth Rosen

Pre-evangelism really is part of evangelism. Painters know that preparation makes up a big portion of the job and that applies to gospel sharing a well.

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The Search for the Historical Jesus
February 19, 2019
Author: Andy Koenig

Yes, Jesus existed. But he is much more than a historical figure. Both Jews and Gentiles have been gripped by the person of Jesus as they read the Gospel accounts. If even non-believers must acknowledge Jesus’ existence, then the Gospels make it evident that he has the power to change our lives.

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Five Things About Esther That Nobody Talks About

No celebration of Purim is complete without the traditional reading of the story of Esther. She is one of the few, true heroines of the Tanach. And, from what we read, her story isn’t exactly as pretty as her face. It’s gritty and (unfortunately) relatable to readers who may have rocky histories of their own.

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How I Googled My Way to God

But what really made an impact was when I came across Jesus. No one on the entire spectrum of the human race, from the most spiritual to the atheist, can remain indifferent to him. You cannot help but like him – his wisdom, compassion, and love. Every time I read Jesus’ words and learned about his deeds, I wanted more. He was the Jesus I never knew.

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How do you respond when people say that the Jews killed Jesus?

Unfortunately, one of the most common phrases a Jewish person can hear is this: “The Jews killed Jesus.” Such condemnations have plagued the Jewish people for the last two thousand years, acting as the fuel behind countless anti-Semitic atrocities throughout history. They have emerged from the mouths of self-proclaimed Christians, from atheists—from both those who consider themselves religious and those who do not. And it has to stop.

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Real Rehabilitation
February 18, 2019

Here’s how God is using the testimony of a former addict to reach people for Jesus in Israel.

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Closed heart suddenly opens

People who seem “completely shut to the gospel” suddenly open their hearts when God does the unexpected. Find out how God used a ring and a key to open one woman’s heart.

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Want to do more to reach Jewish people for Jesus?
February 15, 2019

Jews for Jesus is accepting applications to train volunteers and the possibilities for how you can help us reach Jewish people for Jesus are endless!

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He has put eternity in our hearts
February 14, 2019
Topics: eternal life

What is the gift, the mystery and the promise of Eternity? (Hint: it’s not cologne). In times of loss, what we believe about eternity comes to the surface.

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The Dangers of a Spiritually Incompatible Relationship
February 8, 2019

The relationship between a husband and wife is so unique that God chose it as a metaphor to represent His own relationship with His people. He wants us to experience the kind of trust and intimacy with Him that He intended married couples to share with one another!

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She forbade us to visit but God answered prayer!
January 22, 2019

This story from Dnepr, Ukraine, tells you exactly why you should not be discouraged if your efforts to share the good news (with Jewish people or anyone else) are flatly rejected.

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Dog-lovers: canine companions can help you share Jesus!
Author: Ruth Rosen

Dogs are wonderful gifts from God, but they also can open doors to sharing an even greater gift – the gospel! Find out how a mutual appreciation for dogs can help you tell a friend (or even a stranger) about God.

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Shabbat board game leads to gospel conversation

This Shabbat celebration was extraordinarily creative and a opened up a great conversation about the gospel. What a window into ministry in Budapest!

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Christians’ responses to anti-Semitism: the worst and the best
January 18, 2019

Entire Christian denominations have abandoned God’s call to share the good news with Jewish people. They may believe they are fighting anti-Semitism but could it be that they are unintentionally promoting a subtler form of it?

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A different kind of New Year celebration
December 13, 2018

Here’s how hospitality, sharing the gospel, and a different kind of New Year’s celebration all go hand in hand at the Washington, DC branch of Jews for Jesus.

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What you can do about anti-Semitism

One of the best ways Christians can show love for the Jewish people is to stand against anti-Semitism. Looking for practical ways to do that? Try these for starters.

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What Will Happen This Year? A New Year’s reflection
December 11, 2018

Jews for Jesus executive director writes frankly about what awaits in 2019.

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To share or not share Christmas with Jewish friends?
November 20, 2018

Check out our responses to frequently asked questions about Jewish people and the Christmas season.

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Yes, LiveChat can help people find Life in Jesus!

Shmuly’s journey to Jesus has had many setbacks but with your prayers, it seems his faith is truly growing!

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