Why We Still Celebrate the Feasts of Israel

Some have asked, “Why do Jews for Jesus celebrate Jewish holidays since you are no longer under the law?” Here’s why . . .

You are reaching Jewish New Yorkers For Jesus

During shelter in place, our missionaries are having fruitful outreach online and via phone—and once restrictions lift, opportunities to share the gospel will grow exponentially at our location just down the street from New York University.

The Role of Women in the Bible

Jesus cared for those who were wrongfully marginalized, including women. Find out how the role of women changed from Old Testament to New Testament times, and how Jesus responded.

Your Partnership is Life Changing for Couples Like Kelly and Sam

Many Jewish Gentile couples who want help to find spiritual harmony become open to considering Jesus as the Jewish Messiah. Find out more.

Divine Delays: God’s Unexpected Ways

Why did Jesus wait until His friend Lazarus was dead to come visit?

Jewish People Are Meeting Jesus Online!

What can Jewish people do if they are drawn to Jesus but concerned about losing their Jewish identity?

New Life in the Shadow of Loss: 2020 reflections on Tisha b’Av

Even as we remember our losses and struggle to process them, there is hope!

How I Became a Barista for Jews for Jesus

In the 1970s when Jews for Jesus was founded, if you had a message to get out, the way to do it was street corner-to-street corner. Today, those connections have shifted online or into “third spaces” that are designed to facilitate dialogue outside of home and work environments.

Black & Jewish: America’s Invisible Minority

Some sources estimate that 12% to 15% of American Jews are Jews of color. We need to remember that there are people of color living through this nightmare in our own Jewish communities. We need them to know right now that they are seen and valued.

Your Partnership at Work During COVID-19

Find out how our ministry to Jewish people has continued—and in some ways increased—during this time.

Reflections on Plagues from the Days of Moses

As we navigate our faith and witness during COVID-19, here’s what we can learn from Moses’ experience.

Ministry in the Midst of the Pandemic

Jews for Jesus missionaries from Hungary, to Israel, to New York, and beyond tell how God is drawing people to Himself during COVID-19.

Keeping the Gospel Contagious

What can you do to spread the life-giving love of Messiah during the pandemic?

What do we do while waiting for COVID-19 to end?

We don’t know when the virus will end, but we know that God still has work for us in the meantime—and that can bring a much needed sense of normalcy.

Sowing Seeds & Planting Trees in Paris

Jews for Jesus had an unexpected and unprecedented opportunity to love and serve a Jewish congregation in Paris. Read more.

Sowing and Reaping

The biblical metaphor of “sowing and reaping” has something important to say about giving and taking credit. Read more. Graphics: I think we can use the print graphic as the lead image, and also refer to the print copy or pdf for the pullout to break up the text if needed.

I’m Palestinian and Jewish: Here’s Why I Don’t Believe in Choosing Sides

I don’t always know what to acknowledge first – my Palestinian identity or my Jewish identity. Sometimes, the answer changes depending on who’s asking. The truth is, I cannot choose just one, and God does not ask me to.

4 Things You Don’t Know About Shavuot

Shavuot has been relegated to the status of a lesser-celebrated holiday on our Jewish calendar. Yet it is a festival that reminds us that God meets both our physical and our spiritual needs. Here are four interesting things about this holiday you might not know!

Why Is This Night More Complicated Than All Other Nights?

I was conditioned to believe that unless we do our part, God can’t do His. But the Hebrew Scriptures don’t actually teach that.

Sheltering in Yeshua

Jews for Jesus Passover tours have been cancelled because of the virus, but God’s promises are full steam ahead. Read this quick update and word of encouragement from David Brickner.