Gospel Partners Reach Jewish and Muslim People for Jesus!

by Joshua Turnil | September 01 2022

Pastor Idir is a great partner in Messiah who comes from a Muslim background. He’s invited us to speak many times at his church, and we offer him our facilities free of charge for a monthly evangelism training he teaches.

We sat down together and read Isaiah chapter 53.

Idir sets up a gospel literature table around lunchtime in neighborhoods throughout Paris five days per week. Recently a Jewish man, Adrien, stopped at the table, took a tract, and was struck by it. When Idir shared the gospel with him, Adrien told him, “I’m Jewish, so this is not for me.” Idir replied, “That’s great! I have Jewish friends who believe in Jesus. Would you like to meet them?” Adrien agreed to meet with me. When we sat down together and read Isaiah chapter 53, he had to stop reading because he was choked up. After some discussion, he prayed to receive the Lord!

We Jews for Jesus also have a literature table outside our office. Recently, a Muslim woman came and started leafing through the books. She told me, “I had a vision of Jesus. I know that Jesus was Jewish. I want to learn more about Him by getting close to the Jews.” That very day, Idir was visiting! I asked him to come and speak with her. Since then, this woman has been baptized (at Idir’s church), and Idir has continued following up with her. God enables us to reach Jewish hearts because of partners like you, and I thought you’d like to know that you are linked with us to wonderful partners like Idir as together we reach both Jewish and Muslim hearts!

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