for Jesus

Not everything we have been taught is true.

We have all been told stories and superstitions in our childhood that we later discovered were not real. Many of us were raised to mistrust people who are different from us. It’s hard to sift through the sands of what we’ve learned and pull out the right answers. But here we are, still asking questions, still exploring and open to discovering truth.

Woman in thoughtWoman in thought

We have all struggled with knowing the truth

“I was told that if I looked at the krazmach lights, my purity would be tainted, compromising my Yiraas Shomayim.”

We discovered that when we seek it, we can find truth

In a world full of competing ideas and opinions about G-d, we have come to believe that it is possible to know that G-d exists. Maybe you have been told this, but you don’t believe it–or maybe you do.

Some of us, even from Frum homes, have concluded not only that G-d exists but the truth that Jesus is our promised Mashiach. To our surprise, despite everything we were taught about him, we have discovered the truth that we were searching for in Jesus.

The truth has changed our lives.

“G-d is always there, is always watching, and will always love you. …
‘I watch the truth confirm itself in my children’s eyes.’”

We are here to answer your questions

Taking the first step on the road to discovery can be difficult. Asking questions that challenge what we were taught to believe is a great place to start. It can help to talk with others who understand and have been there too. We are here to help you.