Two Tables, 25 Folding Chairs, One Community

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“We’re going to need another table,”  Melissa had said to Jhan. They stared into the dining room of their Brooklyn home that night in 2007 at a piece of furniture that, as Melissa would one day put it, “came to represent a way that God was moving.”

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Without the Faith to Fuel, the Holidays Fizzle
December 11, 2012
Topics: hanukkah

Garland. Menorahs. Tinsel. Dreidels. It’s the start of the holiday season and New York City is dressed accordingly. Along with the the crisp aroma of impending snow and icy air comes the smells of latkes and lamb, candy canes and honeyed ham. The Big Apple is home to over eight million inhabitants, many of which…

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Hide and Seek: The Story of Holocaust Survivor Maria Weinstein

Outside, she could hear the matches scratching. As the village around them exploded in flames, the Nazis attempted to set the last house alight. Within these walls, Maria Weinstein huddled in the embrace of her newly adopted family. There, amid the chaos, Jew and gentile united as one family in fervent prayer.

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It’s always interesting to watch the range of expressions that flash across a person’s face when they hear that I am a “Messianic Jew.” Sometimes, I try to clarify: “I’m Jewish, and a Christian.” This doesn’t seem to help. They wonder if I’m a mutt, some strange crossbreed of two animals that shouldn’t reproduce. That is usually how the conversation begins… “

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Book Review: Stories of Jews for Jesus
July 1, 2010

Edited by Matt Sieger
Available from Purple Pomegranate Productions

Review by Rachel Friedlander

In the most comprehensive collection yet, Matt Sieger compiles 19 testimonies in Stories of Jews for Jesus. This colorful cast creates episodes of laughter and tears, comedy and tragedy, each with an inspirational ending. Although this multitude of testimonies creates an intimidating page count, the pick-and-choose buffet format allows for each chapter to stand on it’s own.

Between the pediatrician who survived the concentration camps of the Holocaust, the bodyguard who has protected Ariel Sharon, and the lawyer who won a Jews for Jesus case in the Supreme Court, readers will be both captivated and challenged. Instances of drug addiction, family separation, deaths and disease tarnish these shining accomplishments, creating testimonies that are accessible by every human, Jew and Gentile, believer and unbeliever…

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