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Some Jewish Views of Jesus

I couldn’t help writing on Jesus. Since I first met him he has held my mind and heart. I grew up, you know, on the border of Poland and Russia, which was not exactly the finest place in the world for a Jew to sit down and write a life of Jesus Christ. Yet even […]

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Theological Issues

“We believe in one God – you believe in three gods!” “A man can’t become God – that’s idolatry!” “Atonement for sin? That happens through repentance, charity, and fasting.” “We Jews don’t need a middleman!” These are some typical responses we Jewish people have given to what Christians believe. They are verbal walls meant to […]

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The Jewish Community

Maybe it was okay for Jews to believe in Jesus in the first century, some declare. But now we’ve had two thousand years of history behind us – and it isn’t pretty. The Crusades, the Inquisition, the Holocaust – all was fanned by flames of Christian anti-Semitism, rooted right in the New Testament. But that’s […]

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Prophecies of the Messiah in the Hebrew Bible

The (Jewish) writers of the New Testament asserted that the Old Testament spoke of a coming Messiah and quoted from it extensively to prove their point. Even Jesus himself – whom many Jewish people will declare to be a good rabbi and teacher – said to those who sat under his teaching, “How foolish you […]

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How can Jesus be the Messiah when he didn’t bring peace?

Articles Is There Hope for Peace? by Susan Perlman Marching for Peace by Melissa Moskowitz Piecing it Together: A New York Jew Finds Peace by Melissa Moskowitz A Study on Biblical Concepts of Peace in the Old and New Testaments by Efraim Goldstein The Sulha: Reconciliation in the Middle East by Ilan Zamir When Messiah […]

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Did Jesus even exist?

Articles “…there is no real evidence that he ever existed” Offsite Links Extrabiblical, Non-Christian Witnesses to Jesus before 200 A.D.

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About Anti-Missionaries

Some have made a career of telling our Jewish people to say “no” to the idea that Yeshua could be the Messiah. Follow the links to learn more. Articles Anti-Missionary Mischief by Mitch Glaser When Opposition Knocks by Rich Robinson Opposition and Response Book and Audio Tape Reviews: Let’s Get Biblical: Presenting Fifteen Explosive Programs […]

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What is Jewish about the apostle Paul?

Articles How Jewish Was Paul? Priority of Jewishness

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Does baptism have a Jewish origin?

Articles Baptism—Pagan or Jewish? by Ceil Rosen Taking the Plunge by Stephen Katz

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What are some reasons for believing Jesus is the Messiah?

The following are recommended articles and resources provided by Jews for Jesus. What proof do you have that Jesus was the Messiah? Letter to the Editor of ISSUES, and The Editor’s Response by Susan Perlman Yeshua—Let’s Clear Things Up by Susan Perlman » Issues on Messianic Prophecies A look at one of the predictions of […]

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Is the story of Jesus a rehash of pagan ideas (virgin births, dying gods, etc.)?

Was the New Testament Influenced by Pagan Religions?
Were the New Testament Authors Influenced by Pagan Legends?
Was Jesus Christ Just a Copycat Savior Myth?

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What have some Jewish people said about Jesus?

Some Jewish Views of Jesus Jesus in Jewish Art by Rich Robinson

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Does the New Testament mistranslate and misuse the Hebrew Bible when it quotes the prophecies?

Offsite Links Did the Messianic Jewish Believers Use the Old Testament Deceitfully or Ignorantly in the New Testament? Three “Weird” Fulfillments in Matthew

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Is Jesus the Messiah?

June 29, 2011

Popular Topics “He was a good rabbi. He taught everyone to be nice to one another.” “He was a good Jew, but Paul made him into a god for the Gentiles.” “He got in trouble with the authorities and became a political martyr.” One thing is certain; after two thousand years, Jesus of Nazareth is […]

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Does almah mean young woman or virgin?
January 1, 2006

A common argument raised against the virgin birth” and against the New Testament’s reference to Isaiah 7:14, is that the Hebrew word “almah” does not mean virgin, and Jews do not believe in such a thing as a virgin birth. Archaeological findings show that the Hebrew word “almah” refers to a virgin. The possibility of […]

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Jewish Messianic Interpretations of Zechariah 12:10
January 1, 2005

Some say that Zechariah 12:10 refers to the Gentile nations who mourn because of the Jewish martyrs (or a particular unknown martyr) they have killed. Yet that is not the universal Jewish understanding. According to the views of some rabbis, two Messiahs would make their appearance: Messiah ben Joseph who would be slain in battle, […]

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Bonheur futur de Jérusalem ayant retrouvé grâce devant Dieu (Isaïe, LXII, 1 5) by Marc Chagall

Jewish Messianic Interpretations of Isaiah 53

It’s commonly maintained that Isaiah 53 was never considered messianic by rabbis and Jewish sages. Sometimes the statement is phrased as, “Judaism teaches” that Isaiah 53 refers to the nation of Israel. The fact is that Isaiah 53 (more precisely, 52:13 to 53:12) has been interpreted in messianic terms by a wide variety of Jewish […]

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Is there any place in the Hebrew Scriptures or Jewish tradition for the idea that someone can die for the sins of another person?

One of the popular myths about Judaism is that there is no place in Jewish thought for the idea that someone can die for the sins of another person Yet both the Bible and Jewish tradition have much to say about dying so that another might have forgiveness. Biblical Passages In the Hebrew Bible, normally […]

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In Psalm 2:12, is Kiss the Son a mistranslation by the Christians?

Some claim that translating the word bar” (in Psalm 2:12) as “son” rather than as “purity” is a distortion of the Hebrew text in order to make the verse apply to Jesus. It is also claimed that this is not a Jewish interpretation of the verse. And finally, it is said that the word “bar” […]

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In Psalm 22:16 is they pierced a Christian mistranslation?

Psalm 22:16 is one verse where the standard Jewish translations differ from the translations most Christians use. Here’s why. In Hebrew, the phrase they have pierced” is kaaru while “like a lion” is kaari. The words are identical except that “pierced” ends with the Hebrew letter vav and “lion” with yod. Vav and yod are […]

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Are the “messianic prophecies” in the past tense, so not about a future Messiah at all?

Hebrew Tenses Sometimes it is claimed that the messianic prophecies cited by Christians are in the past tense. Therefore, it is said, they cannot refer to a future, coming Messiah. This is an invalid argument. There is no such thing as tense” in biblical Hebrew. (Modern Hebrew, on the other hand, does have tenses.) Biblical […]

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Don’t Christians Believe in Three Gods?

No! It’s a very common misrepresentation that while Jews believe in one God, Christians believe in three. The fact is that Christianity is as firmly monotheistic as Judaism. What Christians believe is that this one God exists, in a way finite man can never fully understand, in three persons or personalities. This belief is not […]

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Atonement: Questions and Answers
Author: Karol Joseph

Note: Elaine the correspondent is fictional, but Karol Joseph is real and serves on the staff of Jews for Jesus. She can be reached

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