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Alexander Adelson


Alexander has believed in Yeshua since 2004. Alexander live most his life in Israel and he is deeply connected to his land and to the people of Israel. He wants to share his faith with Israelis. Alexander got married with Svetlana in 2011 and their first son was born on January 2014.

Avigail Avnery

Outreach Worker Trainee

Yoel Ben David

Yoel Ben David has believed in Jesus since July, 2001. Yoel was born in Israel although he was raised in Europe. His mother is Jewish and is from Morocco; his father, who is not Jewish, hails from Scotland. Yoel speaks, reads and writes English, French and Hebrew fluently.

Eli Birnbaum


Eli Birnbaum came to faith in Jesus at a very young age, as his Jewish believing father was a pastor. When he was seven, his family moved to Israel. Although he was indifferent toward his faith in his early teens, a summer camp he attended in his later teen years rekindled his passion for God. He returned to school, started sharing his faith with his friends, and soon became known as “the missionary.” Now he serves as a Young Adult minister with Jews for Jesus in Israel. In 2012, he received his bachelor’s degree at Ramat Gan College. Eli is married to a Jewish believer, Shoshana who also serves on our staff.

Shoshana Birnbaum

Chaim Birnbaum

Outreach Worker

Chaim Birnbaum was raised in a Messianic home. The family moved from the United States to Israel when Chaim was very young. While he received Jesus at an early age, as a teen he was the “wildest” of his siblings. At age eighteen, Chaim repented at an Israeli youth conference and became serious about serving the Lord. Chaim led several youth groups and was involved with ministry in Africa for two and a half months before beginning an internship with Jews for Jesus. He planned and organized a unique outreach from the Moishe Rosen Center in Tel Aviv, inviting graffiti artists to show their art! Chaim served with Jews for Jesus on Massah for two years, a discipleship/outreach journey that reaches Israeli trekkers in India. Chaim’s older brother Eli leads the Jews for Jesus young adult ministry in Israel. Chaim is currently a missionary trainee based in the Tel Aviv branch.

Tatyana Bolotova

Ofer Levy

Ofer Levy is a missionary at the Tel Aviv branch of Jews for Jesus. A native Israeli, Ofer has lived and served in Israel, New York, and California. He and his wife, Sarah, have two sons: Ely and Matthew.

Vladimir Mitnitsky

Vladimir Mitnitsky was born in Ukraine. At the age of fifteen, he made aliyah to Israel without his parents (his father is Jewish). Although he knew about Jesus, he didn't believe in him as in the promised Messiah. He studied in Yeshiva (religious high school) for three years. There he was challenged by the rabbis to think about the Jewish Messiah who would bring redemption and peace to his people. Although he was taught to do good deeds (mitzvahs), Mitnitsky didn't have peace in his heart. He came to faith in Jesus at the age of twenty after he read prophecies about the Messiah in the Old Testament. He graduated from college with a professional diploma in engineering. But when he volunteered with Jews for Jesus on the streets of New York City and Israel, he felt God's calling to do evangelism to his Jewish people. After participating in four Jews for Jesus witnessing campaigns, three in Israel, Mitnitsky joined the Jews for Jesus staff as a full-time missionary in 2009. He met his wife Yulia during a New York City Summer Witnessing Campaign and they were married in 2010. They welcomed the birth of their first child, Natanel in early 2013.

Yulia Mitnitsky


Born and raised in Moscow, Yulia Mitnitsky always knew she was Jewish, though her parents did not believe in God and did not encourage her to explore her Jewish identity. When she was fifteen, her parents sent her to a camp in Slovakia to learn English. At that camp, run by a Christian organization, Yulia learned about Jesus and in August 2003 received Him as her Savior. Yulia loves to work with children. Prior to joining our ministry, she served as a counselor in Christian camps in Bulgaria and Poland. Yulia has also been on two New York City witnessing campaigns with us. She is a missionary trainee in Israel, where her husband Vlad serves as part of our Tel Aviv branch.

Max Raev

Outreach Worker Trainee

Max Raev grew up in Belarus, the son of a Jewish father and a Gentile mother. When he was six years old, his parents went abroad to work for a year, and Max lived with his grandparents. His grandfather was the first one to introduce him to Jesus. But when his parents returned and he started living with them again, he had no one to guide him in faith matters, and he lived as an unbeliever. After high school, Max moved by himself to Israel. While serving in the Israeli military, Max met Sheer, his future wife, who was attending a Messianic congregation. Max started attending the congregation and reading the New Testament. He could not put it down. When he realized what Jesus had done for him, he gave his life to Him. He now serves at the Tel Aviv branch of Jews for Jesus as an Outreach Worker Trainee in children’s and young adult ministry.

Sheer Raev

Dan Sered

Missionary Director

Dan Sered was born in Israel on Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement. His upbringing, like that of many Israelis, was secular, though he was bar mitzvah at age thirteen. Two years later, his family moved to New York where Dan attended Stony Brook University and met Dinah, a Jewish believer in Jesus. Dinah shared the Gospel with Dan explaining that the name of Jesus in Hebrew is Y'shua, and showed Dan how the Hebrew Bible spoke of His coming. Dan committed his life to Y'shua, but not before telling his parents first. Surprisingly, they didn't respond negatively and Dan discovered that Dinah, her family and church had all prayed about his parents' response. Dan's parent's reaction was one of 'you will get over this Jesus' which off course Dan did not. This led to Dan's parents' disowning him. In August 1999 Dan & Dinah were married and shortly after they responded to God's call to serve as missionaries joining Jews for Jesus. In August 2000 they moved to Israel where they have been serving with the ministry since. In 2006, Dan was appointed as the director of Jews for Jesus Israel. In 2013 Dan completed his Master of Arts degree in Jewish ministry and leadership from Western Seminary. Dan & Dinah have 3 children; Yael, Eithan and Yoav. Dan & Dinah's children have led to a softening of Dan's parent's rejection and today they have a relationship with Dan's family; but still they are not open to the Gospel and Jesus.

Boris Skvortsov

Outreach Worker

I grew up in a believing household; my parents came to faith when I was 6 years old. My step-dad started visiting a congregation in Beer Sheva (south of Israel) and accepted Yeshua as his savior. Not long afterwards my mum came to faith as well. I grew up in a congregation called ‘Grace and Truth’ and was part of the youth group, went to conferences in the summer and acted like a believer. Although I knew from an early age that God had His hand on my life, I was never willing to accept Christ into my heart. I felt that giving God my life was an irreversible step and I wasn’t ready to totally commit to Him. I was sitting on the fence trying to benefit from God and from the world. At the age of 16 I started practicing music and at 17 formed a rock band. I loved being on a stage, playing and singing for my ego and my own “glory”. At the same time, I was also part of the worship team in church. I felt like I was serving two lords; God and myself, mainly myself. A time came when God touched my heart, I couldn’t do it any longer. I decided to put all my talents, all my capabilities, all that I am into God’s hands. I gave it all to Jesus, asking him to be my Lord, repenting of my pride and sin. I accepted Jesus as my Messiah giving him all that I am and decided to live my life building His kingdom – not mine. I honorably discharged from the army in 2012 with a thirst for God’s word. There was a hunger to get to know Him more, spend time with Him and enjoy Him. I opted to serve and study at the “Shelter” Eilat, then did a 3-month discipleship program, where I met my beautiful future wife, Gefen who I married in 2014. Shortly afterwards I went on an outreach program with Jews for Jesus to India and started working with JFJ in the young adults ministry, evangelizing at cultural events and on the streets of Tel – Aviv, sharing the good news about Yeshua.

Gefen Skvortsov

Outreach Worker

Dinah Turnil Sered

Mikhail Vayshengolts