Eli Birnbaum

Eli Birnbaum

Israel Director

As the Jews for Jesus Israel director, Eli has been the key leader driving forward the expansion of our ministry in Israel. Among other things, he spearheaded the Tel Aviv branch’s ministries to soldiers and to the homeless, opened our women’s shelter, and oversaw the development of award-winning Hebrew animation projects.

Eli and his wife, Shoshana, a Jewish believer from Mexico City, met on a Jews for Jesus outreach to Israeli trekkers in India. Together they established a multipurpose venue at the Moishe Rosen Center, turning it into a hub of ministry and an integral part of the neighborhood. They also planted a congregation of young believers, which Eli pastors.

Born in the US, Eli is from a Messianic Jewish family that emigrated to Israel when he was seven years old. Though he was a believer from an early age, it wasn’t until his military service that he began sharing his faith boldly. He joined our staff in 2009.
Eli says, “I’m thankful to help lead a group of Israelis who are eager to share their faith in Jesus, and I’m continually reminded that Jesus is leading all of us. Nothing excites me more than seeing people find their true calling in Messiah.”

Eli has a bachelor’s degree in economics from the Open University of Israel and a master’s degree in theology from Western Seminary. He and Shoshana reside in Tel Aviv with their two boys.