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6. Engaging with a student at Hebrew University, one of hundreds of conversations that took place over the month-long outreach.

The Most Comprehensive Jews for Jesus Campaign Ever Takes Place in Jerusalem
June 4, 2018

Jews for Jesus said, “Behold Your God Jerusalem,” in an unprecedented way this past month. With over 200 staff and volunteers participating, the group engaged in over 5,000 conversations with Israelis about Jesus one on one and had over 200,000 check out their social media posts.

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Integrity of Barna Data on Jewish Millennials Called into Question by Some Jewish Leaders. Jews for Jesus Responds:
November 6, 2017

The results of a recently released study by the Barna Group, Jewish Millennials: The Beliefs and Behaviors Shaping Young Jews in America, have been called into question by some Jewish leaders. This reaction is emotional and unfounded.

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Barna Releases New Study on American Jewish Millennials: The Results Offer Some Surprises
October 30, 2017

The Barna team found that Millennial Jews in America present quite a paradox.

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Jews for Jesus Responds to Evangelical Church in Germany’s (EKD) Renunciation of Jewish Evangelism
November 21, 2016

At their annual synod, the EKD, a group of Lutheran, Reformed and United churches that comprise the liberal wing of Protestantism in Germany, passed a resolution renouncing its mission to convert Jews to Christianity.

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Jews for Jesus Leader Denounces Vatican Statement on Jewish Evangelism
December 11, 2015

The Vatican’s Commission for Religious Relations with Jews released a comprehensive document on Catholic-Jewish relations on December 10 which calls on the Catholic Church to “neither conduct nor support any specific institutional mission work directed towards Jews.”

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Press Release: Jews for Jesus and Jackie Mason
August 25, 2006

For immediate release Contact Person: Susan Perlman Jackie Mason, the comedian, is suing Jews for Jesus over one of their evangelistic pamphlets which features his likeness. The pamphlet, entitled, Jackie Mason, a Jew for Jesus!?” is a good natured look at how...

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The War on Jewish Evangelism
July 1, 2004

July 1, 2004 This recent letter sent to our friends and supporters, “The War on Jewish Evangelism,” received press coverage—not all of it necessarily accurate—since being mailed in late 2003. This is a text copy of the original letter, for those who may...

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