Isaiah 53

Who do you think Isaiah 53 speaks of? Here are some articles to help you consider it.

Le prophète Isaïe sous l'inspiration divine (Isaïe, LXIV, 6 11) by Marc Chagall

In his rabbinical training, Rachmiel Frydland found that discussion of Isaiah 53 was continually avoided.[Read More]

Le Pardon de Dieu annoncé à Jérusalem (Isaïe, LIV, 6 10) by Marc Chagall

Author Efraim Goldstein says there is only one man who fulfills the vivid description of the Messiah in this passage of Scripture. [Read More]

Bonheur futur de Jérusalem ayant retrouvé grâce devant Dieu (Isaïe, LXII, 1 5) by Marc Chagall

You may have heard that “Judaism teaches” that Isaiah 53 is about Israel. But many Jewish scholars through the ages say it’s about the Messiah. [Read More]

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Jhan Moskowitz teaches on Isaiah 53

'That's Jesus!'— Daily bread article about Dr. Michael Brown

'That's Jesus!'— Daily bread article about Dr. Michael Brown

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