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Jews need Jesus too. Jewish people tend to dismiss evangelistic methods and materials that are couched in Christian presuppositions and lingo, because such materials reinforce the assumption that Jesus is for “them,” not “us.” In order to get beyond that assumption, we have to be innovative in the following areas:

Evangelistic Literature

We produce and illustrate hand-lettered pamphlets with plenty of humor written in an informal, conversational tone. (We take God seriously but we try not to take ourselves too seriously.) We call these gospel tracts “broadsides” and our staff hand-delivers more than eight million of these “invitations to interact with the gospel” each year. We also publish quite a few evangelistic books, including testimonies of Jewish people who believe in Jesus (such as Jewish Doctors Meet the Great Physician), as well as books on prophecy (such as Future Hope). We also publish Issues, an eight-page evangelistic publication for Jewish seekers.

Witnessing Campaigns

Campaigns are super-concentrated times of short-term outreach. We intensify an aspect of our regular missionary work—street witnessing—by sending our own staff and plenty of volunteers on sorties (tract-passing expeditions) four times a day for two hours at a time. We usually conduct these campaigns during the summer months in New York City, Toronto, Paris, London, Moscow and various other cities throughout the former Soviet Union.

Music and Drama

We began creating Jewish gospel music and drama from the outset of our ministry as part of our street witnessing. We refined our music and drama so that it was also suitable for presentation in churches. These were powerful evangelistic programs that provided an opportunity for Christians to introduce their unbelieving friends to the gospel. These days, you’ll see us returning to our roots with more music and drama during our street outreaches.

Secular Media Outreach

We place full-page gospel proclamations as paid ads in leading newspapers and magazines, including Newsweek, Parade and The New York Times. We also broadcast evangelistic messages on billboards, in commuter trains, in bus transit shelters and on secular radio stations. Other organizations have begun using some of these avenues to an extent, but Jews for Jesus has been on the cutting edge of using the secular media to make the messiahship of Jesus an unavoidable issue to Jewish people worldwide.

Person-to-Person Ministry

We love to visit Jewish unbelievers who have expressed an interest in the gospel. We offer individual Bible instruction, usually in people’s homes, but sometimes over the phone or even over the Internet. As some come to faith, we continue studying with them, providing discipleship lessons until these new Jewish believers are well grounded in a local congregation.

Internet Evangelism

Many who may not be comfortable giving their address or phone number in person do come to find out about Jesus on our website. They ask questions and seek answers anonymously and within the privacy of their own homes. Many such people eventually become open to more personal contact with us, having examined the gospel at their leisure. We are also on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and more. We also have an online bookstore at store.jewsforjesus.org, where we offer a large variety of books, music, videos and other items.