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Our approach to outreach is simple: we engage Jewish people with the gospel, equip them to follow Yeshua and inspire others to do the same. Here are some of the ways we engage, equip and inspire:

Interacting with the Scriptures

We love to meet with Jewish people who express an interest in Jesus and in studying the Scriptures. We tackle difficult subjects, answer questions and study the Scriptures together, meeting in homes, coffee shops, over the phone or online. We provide ongoing discipleship and mentorship for Jewish believers in Jesus, and we teach in churches all around the world about the culturally Jewish context of Jesus’ life and the Christian faith.


Our branches and staff host various events for Jewish believers in Jesus and for those seeking to know more about Jesus. Throughout the year, these events celebrate Jewish traditions, explore the identity of Jesus and build community. We also partner with churches to hold services and events where Christians can learn more about the Jewish background of Christianity.

Street Outreach

From giving away “Brews for Jesus” coffee to performing original music, we believe in getting out onto the streets to engage people in conversation and to enrich our communities. We also produce printed gospel materials for those who pass us on the street and are interested in knowing more. They’re informative, but we try to keep it light and funny – because we take God seriously, but we try not to take ourselves too seriously.

Media Outreach

We engage with people on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Instagram. We’ve placed full-page advertisements in leading newspapers and magazines, including Newsweek, Parade and the New York Times; placed ads on billboards, in commuter trains and in bus transit shelters; and broadcast on radio stations, sharing the hope of the Jewish Messiah. We also produce several print and digital publications, including ISSUES: A Messianic Jewish Perspective, which covers contemporary subjects of Jewish interest and explores how the teachings of Jesus speak to modern Jewish life.