What We Do

Raise awareness of Jesus as the Jewish Messiah

We believe that every Jewish person has the right to make up their own mind about Jesus. Our staff are advocates for Jesus as Messiah and share His message to Jewish people who might not otherwise hear it. We engage with people in conversations about Jesus in public places such as city centers, college campuses, parks, hiking trails on Indian mountainsides, and a range of online platforms. We use a range of creative means to share our message with a wide array of audiences—everyone from ultra-Orthodox Jewish people in Brooklyn to Israeli soldiers in Tel Aviv to Jewish Gentile couples in London.

Facilitate Jewish community

We believe that faith in Jesus is a viable and thriving expression of Jewish life. That is why we invite people to come and see what it means to be Jewish and believe in Yeshua. We operate community spaces around the world in cities like Tel Aviv, Sydney, and Los Angeles, hosting events where art, music, films, and good food create opportunities for dialogue and conversations about spiritual things. We open our homes and share Shabbat dinners with people we meet or let others join in for a shared holiday meal. 

We teach the Scriptures and disciple new followers of Jesus, equipping new generations of Jewish believers worldwide to serve and live for Jesus. Regardless of where or how we do it, our vision is to invite Jewish people to find a place to belong, a safe place to ask questions about faith, and true shalom in knowing God. 

Provide spiritual care and local services

We believe that loving our neighbors is what being Jewish and for Jesus is all about. Jesus encountered so many hurting and disenfranchised people, and He brought them a love and compassion that met their physical needs and opened their hearts to true healing and salvation. 

We follow our Messiah’s example by serving people both in their tangible and spiritual needs (James 2:14-17). That’s why we serve the poor and elderly in places like Ukraine and Russia, minister to Holocaust survivors in their last days of life, and have a soup kitchen and food truck in Israel that provide meals to the homeless, the addicted, and those trapped in prostitution. In such ways, we proclaim the message of hope and help transform lives by the power of the gospel.