100% Jewish. 100% Christian.

How does that work?

How can you be Jewish and Christian?

People often think these terms are mutually exclusive. But the word “Christian” doesn’t mean “Gentile”; it literally means “follower of Messiah.” After all, all of Jesus’ first followers were Jewish, just like Jesus. Even the authors who documented his life in the New Testament were Jewish. Since then, many throughout history have caused pain and hardship, driving a wedge between Christianity and Judaism. But true faith in Jesus as the Messiah brings unity. It is a completely viable and thriving expression of Jewish life.

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Are you still considered Jewish?

Historically, Jewish leaders haven’t created space within Judaism for Messianic Jews. Ancient rabbis espoused many reasons for why Jesus couldn’t be the Messiah, and since then, many have added those opinions to the fundamental tenets of Judaism. However, the truth is that foundational Judaism not only has theological space to accept Jesus as the Messiah, but fully supports the concept.

We reject the stereotype that Jewish people can’t be followers of Jesus, and believe that not only can both identities be embraced, but can enhance one another in beautiful, spiritual harmony. As Messianic Jews, we remain true to the original heart of our Jewish heritage, live a meaningful Jewish life today, and have abundant hope for the future.

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Why do you think Jesus is the Messiah?

Our prophets and sages spoke of a Messiah who would be a Jewish man descended from King David and King Solomon, born in Bethlehem, and called God’s son. The prophet Isaiah wrote that the Messiah would make atonement for the sins of humanity through his death and be resurrected. Daniel prophesied that the Messiah would have to come before the destruction of the Second Temple. Not only is Jesus the only historical figure who did and could accomplish all these things, but the Hebrew Scriptures teach that when the Messiah comes, the Gentiles will seek him, too – and they have.

Jesus is the most famous Jewish person to ever live. Because of him, people around the world know of the Jewish faith and the God who established it.

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What is Jews for Jesus?

We are a global nonprofit comprised predominantly of Jewish people who believe in Jesus. We aren’t a denomination, synagogue, or church. In general, Jewish people who believe in Jesus are called Messianic Jews and hold varying levels of religious observance. As a nonprofit organization, Jews for Jesus facilitates honest conversations with other open-minded Jewish people about Jesus, living a life of faith, and dealing with issues that deeply affect the Jewish community.

We think every Jewish person has the right to explore the identity of Jesus for themselves and draw their own conclusions, rather than let that choice be made for them by rabbis two thousand years ago.

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