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Can Jews be for Jesus?

Jews for Jesus has been a nonprofit since 1973, but Jewish people believing in Jesus has been a thing since, well, Jesus. Think about it. Jesus was Jewish. His first followers were Jewish. The authors who documented his life in the New Testament were Jewish. Christianity, which actually just means “followers of Messiah,” is Jewish to its very core.

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Why Jesus?

The teachings of Jesus were so compelling that they quickly spread throughout the world. It didn’t take long before there were way more Gentile followers of Jesus than Jewish ones. But what if that is just confirmation that Jesus really is who he claimed to be? Because of Jesus, people in remote corners of the world, as well as in the highest halls of learning, know something about the Jewish people and our teachings.

The Hebrew Scriptures teach that when the Messiah comes, the Gentiles will seek him, too. The Jewish Messiah is for all people, and those who follow him are united in one faith in the God of Israel.

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How Jewish are you really?

As Messianic Jews we remain true to the original heart of our Jewish heritage, live a meaningful Jewish life today, and have abundant hope for the future. We reject the stereotype that Jewish people cannot be followers of Yeshua. We believe that not only can both identities be embraced, but they can enhance one another in a beautiful spiritual harmony. Because if Jesus really is the Messiah, there is nothing more Jewish than believing in him and sharing his message.

Jewish and Christian, can it be?

What do you do?

The organization Jews for Jesus exists because there are still many Jewish people, like us, who believe in Jesus, and there are still many Jewish people who have never heard that Jesus is for us. Every day across the globe, we engage Jewish people with the good news that Jesus is the Messiah, then equip them to live a life of meaningful faith and inspire others to join us in radically loving and serving our people.

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What is your goal?

We want to have honest conversations with other open-minded Jewish people about issues that deeply affect our people and how these issues relate to Jesus. We think every Jewish person has the right to explore the identity of Jesus for themselves and draw their own conclusions, rather than let that choice be made for them by rabbis two thousand years ago.

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Want to have an open dialogue?

If you’re interested in exploring new ideas around Jesus, write us a message or chat with us live in the tab on the bottom right-hand side of this page.