Our Mysterious Family
July 1, 2016

All believers – Jews and Gentiles—have been adopted into God’s forever family

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Together as One
November 8, 2013
Author: Kata Tar

Find out what Kata Tar learned about unity from organizing two witnessing campaigns in Budapest. See photos and learn results from this year’s Budapest Campaign.

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The Apostles on Unity and Diversity: A Quick Primer
July 8, 2013
Topics: unity

We can find examples of disunity among God’s people throughout the Bible. But the apostles’ experiences can be particularly relevant for us. The following examples speak of three kinds of disunity: The disunity that results from overzealous, prideful loyalty to our leaders. 10 I appeal to you, brothers, in the name of our Lord Jesus…

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A Brother From Another Mother
July 1, 2011

As you read this month’s newsletter, I am most likely out on the streets of New York City, handing out broadsides (gospel tracts). I hope that many of you held onto last month’s prayer calendar and are interceding for us as we launch into our Summer Witnessing Campaign. We anticipate divine encounters and are eager…

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A Little Taste of Heaven
February 1, 2010
Topics: unity

You may have described an idyllic vacation spot as “a little taste of heaven” or perhaps you’ve uttered something to that effect after sampling a spoonful of one of those luscious calorie-rich desserts.  But the little taste of heaven I am thinking of is the memory of sweet and meaningful times of fellowship I have…

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Jesus and His People
February 1, 2008

“Jesus I love you, but I don’t understand your wife, “She wears too much make-up and she always wants to fight; “In my world of black and gray, she argues shades of white.” song lyrics by Dead Artist Syndrome Does the evangelical church in America have an image problem? Among the many who would say…

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