Could Jesus be God? Could God be a man?
December 19, 2013

From a Messianic Jewish perspective, check out this “vintage” video from our senior researcher, Richard Robinson. Extra points if you can figure out from which year Rich’s glasses originate.

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How can someone die for someone else’s sins?
June 30, 2011

Articles Whatever Happened to the Substitute Atonement of the Torah? by Louis Goldberg Is there any place in the Hebrew Scriptures or Jewish tradition for the idea that someone can die for the sins of another person? Atonement: Questions and answers by Karol Joseph Akedah by Rich Robinson The Akedah in Jewish tradition The kapparah […]

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Jews have the Shema; do Christians believe in three gods?

Articles Don’t Christians Believe in Three Gods? The Trinity: Questions and Answers by Karol Joseph An Angel You Ought to Know by Loren Jacobs Jewishness and the Trinity by Arnold G. Fruchtenbaum A Look at the Trinity From a Messianic Jewish Perspective by Richard Harvey Offsite Links The Trinity Testing the Trinitarian “Hypothesis”…in the Old […]

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The kapparah ceremony in Judaism
January 1, 2005

There is a ceremony in Judaism known as Kapparah, in which a rooster or hen is put to death on the eve of Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement, as a vicarious sacrifice for sin. Once widely observed, it is nearly obsolete in modern times. The atoning nature of the ceremony is described in the […]

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