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Handel’s Messiah in Hebrew? In Israel? Hallelujah!
December 1, 2007

David Loden is regarded by many as the father of Messianic music in Israel. He began his musical career in the United States, first as a singer and then in New York as a professional actor, writer and composer. Today he serves in pastoral ministry in northern Israel, while maintaining a heart for the performing…

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Bits from the Branches
March 1, 2007

Los Angeles Rob Wertheim reports, “Steve lives in Chula Vista (near San Diego) and had been exploring who Jesus is via our website. I met with him and learned that he’d been raised in an Orthodox Jewish home, with a Jewish mother and a Gentile father. Because he’d experienced anti- Semitism from what he believed…

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My Son, the Baptist
July 1, 1979

“Are you one of those Jews for Jesus?” I turned to look at the person who had asked me that almost rhetorical question. After all, I was standing on a busy corner, wearing a t-shirt and jacket, both of which clearly said “Jews for Jesus.” So, naturally I assumed it was a hostile remark. But…

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