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After their own spiritual experience, some have even dedicated their careers to sharing the message of Jesus as Messiah with other Jews. Find out what moved them so deeply that they would become the force known as “Jews for Jesus.”

Out of the Black Hole
Author: Matt Sieger

Looking back, I realize that probably 75 percent of the people in that occult encounter group were Jewish. Just as I believe there is a God, I believe that Satan is real and seeks to destroy the Jewish people.

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Stan Meyer’s Story
Author: Stan Meyer
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How a 30-year search for truth brought Deb to Jesus
Author: Deb Dubin

As a native New Yorker from Long Island, our Jewish identity and culture were a big part of family life. I went to synagogue, attended Hebrew school and celebrated the Jewish holidays. Around the age of 7, my best friend Chris (a gentile) invited me to church with her family; my first exposure to a […]

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How Dan Sered, an Israeli, Found Love and Messiah at the Same Time
Author: Dan Sered

I was born in Israel on the holiest of Jewish festivals, Yom Kippur,” the Day of Atonement. I believe God has had His hand on me ever since, to show His grace and wonderful mercy. I grew up in a secular home where we followed all the traditions and kept the holidays, but these observances […]

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Why Melissa chose to believe in Jesus for herself, and not for her parents

Melissa Weinisch was born to Messianic parents. Melissa accepted Jesus as the Messiah at age five for herself and not just for her parents. This article and video share Melissa’s journey of not just being a believer in Jesus but rather being pursuer of God, seeking Him with all of her body, soul, and spirit.

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A Seder I’ll Always Remember
Author: Rob Wertheim

I was excited to be heading to the West Coast to visit my older brother Steve. My dad had returned to New York with the good news that Steve had found a place with a nice Jewish landlady who would “keep an eye on him.”

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From Loss to Life
Author: Susan Perlman

When I was diagnosed with cancer, my mother said to me, “Why you, Susan?” I remember replying, “Why not me? Would it be better if it were someone else’s daughter?

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No More Religious Confusion
Author: Shimon Eitan

When a rabbi told him that he didn’t have to believe in God, Shimon Eitan became even more confused about Judaism.

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Prodigals Do Come Home

If your heart has ever been broken over a young person who wandered away from the faith and is now living as though God does not exist, we hope this encourages you!

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Anti-Semitism Couldn’t Choke Out the Truth

 A young man encounters virulent anti-Semitism in college, but discovers that Christians who truly follow Jesus love the Jewish people. 

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Nothing to Fear
Author: Karol Joseph

One area that always got the best of Karol was food, which had become an addiction and obsession.

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Born that Man No More May Die
Author: Lynn McCoy

When Harry Chapin led the crowd in singing a Christmas carol, this young Jewish woman found herself crying unexpectedly.

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New missionary trainees!

We’re glad to introduce you to some of our new trainees and hope you’ll keep them in your prayers.

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Heaven: Experiencing It & Sean Trank

Two months ago my brother-like friend and co-worker, Sean Trank, asked me to write something about heaven for others to read. In light of his recent passing, I honor his request today.

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My Jewish Nose
Author: Rachel Rothspan

In this country where everyone is an American first, I am different, because I am a descendant of Abraham

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Meet the Authors

Meet the authors of this edition of ISSUES: Rich Robinson, Stan Meyers and Susan Perlman. Rich Robinson, who wrote “Saturday the Rabbi Read the New Testament” for this edition of ISSUES, shares his story: Coming through the back door Stan Meyer, author of “Tikkun Olam: Reparing the World” in this edition, tells how he found […]

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Give thanks to the Lord for He is so good!

It was December 1970, as I sat on the large boulder next to rushing waters at Forest Falls in the San Gorgonio Wilderness Area in Southern California. Only days before, I had experienced salvation in Yeshua (Jesus). Now, as I pondered the implications of that salvation, I was in that "sacred place" to talk with […]

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O Come, O Come, Emmanuel
Author: Lynn McCoy

OK, I’m just going to say it. I love Christmas. I don’t have a problem, as a Jew, proclaiming that. I admit I have a Christmas tree, I love singing Christmas carols, and if you come to my house in December, you will hear Handel’s "Messiah" playing over and over again. Why do I, a […]

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Meet our new trainees!

  Here is an extended view of our missionary trainees. Take some time to get to know and pray for them. You can click on their name or picture below to connect with them or send them notes of encouragement. Three of our newer Israel staff – Eli and Shoshanah Birnbaum and Alex Adelson – […]

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To Celebrate or Not to Celebrate
Author: Ceil Rosen

This past summer, in reading Revelation 2, I came across mention of the Nicolaitans. Of course I had seen the word before, but this time I looked it up on Google. I discovered it refers to people in the early church who combined pagan practices of worship with Christian worship, something that God says He […]

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The Name I Could Not Mention

I was only five years old and had no idea what was going on as our family crowded into my grandparents’ living room on the day before Yom Kippur. I can still remember how my father picked up a chicken, tied up by its feet, and swung it over our heads, the chicken cackling and […]

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Jesus was Very Cool!

As my husband, Stewart, says, we met while I was on staff with Jews for Jesus in the summer of 1984 in New York City. We were both handing out pamphlets—Stewart with another organization called Chosen People—in front of Bloomingdales on 59th Street in New York City. From that moment I thought, “He is perfect […]

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Introducing Associate Staff

We have a relatively new category of staff for students who have had significant involvement in our ministry (through witnessing campaigns, internships, or leadership roles in our Camp Gilgal program) and are tracking to serve with us full time when they graduate. Last year we took several new staff under this category; we hope to […]

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Thank God for…

The next generation of Jews for Jesus! And thanks to you for praying for God’s provision. We’ve got a great bunch of young people who are preparing for missionary service with us and we hope you will keep them in prayer. Most of our trainees are in New York City … Maybe you’ve seen the […]

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Full Circle

Growing up in Ocean Parkway, Brooklyn, I had tremendous respect for the ultra-Orthodox Jewish community known as the Hasidim. Though they lived in a world apart from the rest of us, they had a tremendous impact on my early desire to know more about the God I prayed to every night, and even—indirectly—on my calling […]

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Meet our Missionary Trainees!

Simon Lissak and Kata Tar have just begun their second full month of missionary training at our center in New York City. They are learning the missionary craft, as well as learning the ropes of life in Manhattan.  Your prayers during this exciting and challenging time would mean so much—and what better way to ask […]

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