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Whoever heard of a Jewish doctor? Quite frankly, a lot of people. Believe it or not, quite a few of them have found new life in their Messiah, Jesus. Examine their journeys of faith here.

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You will love these first-person accounts of ten Jewish doctors who came to know Jesus as their Messiah, and who are excited for other Jews to hear the gospel as well. The book also includes stories of Jewish people who turned to Jesus during a medical crisis, as well as essays on the problem of pain and suffering and, of course, on why Jesus is the Jewish Messiah.

Dr. Jack Sternberg, oncologist:
“Undaunted, I visited with rabbis, hoping they could show me the fallacies of the case for Jesus….Each effort I made to hear something to dissuade me seemed to strengthen the growing belief that Jesus truly was the Messiah.”

Dr. David Madenberg, emergency room physician:
“All my life I’d been taught that the Messiah of Israel had not yet come…. Then a thought crossed my mind: how many of my Jewish friends and relatives have ever read their own Bible for themselves, let alone the New Testament?”

Dr. Peter Greenspan, obstetrician:
“I was doing the right things according to my religion, but none of the law or the minutiae to which I had bound myself brought me closer to God.”

Read these doctors and even more personal stories below:

This Orthodox Jewish Psychotherapist Couldn’t Believe His Eyes…
April 26, 2018

Hans handed Rich the Bible. “In that millisecond,” Rich recalls, “my life was shattered. The name that I saw at the top of the page was Isaiah! Hans had been reading to me from MY Bible, from my Hebrew Scriptures, and I felt as though someone had taken a sword and cut me to pieces.”

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Jack Sternberg: A Jewish Oncologist’s Story
February 1, 2018

“Knowing Jesus has changed every area of my life, not the least of which is my professional life. I am a full-time private practicing medical oncologist. My relationship with the living God gives my life meaning and fulfillment. It brings contentment, despite the painful realities of life and death.”

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Science & Faith: Dr. James Tour’s Story
September 12, 2013

A focus on scientist Dr. James Tour as featured in the documentary, Science & Faith: A Season for Reason Theme Week
CTS Ontario/CTS Alberta
Saturday Sept. 21/13 9:00pm as part of “The Doc Side”
Dr. James Tour-Most distinguished nanotechnology researchers in the world-Professor of Chemistry, Computer Science, Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science.

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Can Miracles Disappoint?
June 10, 2013

“There’s one miracle that God wants to perform in every person’s life,” I told my acquaintance in the hospital room. “He wants to forgive our sins and give us an eternal relationship with him. That’s a miracle he’ll always perform.”

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