In the Little Shtetl of Vaysechvoos: For Women Only
Author: Susan Perlman

The ladies of Vaysechvoos, like women in the shtetlach throughout the Czar’s land, had little education. They were, of course, taught those things necessary to make a home for their families: clothes-making, cooking, cleaning and so on. They were taught to obey the precepts of the rabbis: the taking out of a small portion of…

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Siddur Vs. Scripture
Topics: siddur

While Jewish people regard the Torah or Five Books of Moses as the most holy portion of religious literature, the book closest to the heart of a religious Jew is his siddur, the prayer book. Except for the weekly synagogue readings, the Holy Scriptures may be unfamiliar to him, but the prescribed prayers of the…

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Lord, Teach Us to Pray! Reflections on the Jewish Prayer Book
Author: Larry Brandt

I set myself to enjoy my favorite program on the television. With great expectations I turned on the TV, but nothing happened…no music…no picture…not even a commercial! Disappointed, I declaimed the TV worthless, a useless box that offered me entertainment but couldn’t deliver it. Then I noticed that the television was not plugged in, and…

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