Holiday Outreach!
February 23, 2016

Here are some fun photos to inspire you to pray for our Purim outreaches this month

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For Such a Time as Purim 2015
March 2, 2015
Author: Susan Perlman

Anti-Semitism seems to be at a high right now.  After the horrific Paris attacks and the general anti-Jewish sentiment throughout Europe, perhaps Israel’s Prime Minister (his country has the largest Jewish population in the world) has concerns that are warranted.  Iran (Persia of old) has a long history of looking to get rid of Jews. […]

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Courage Can be Contagious
February 25, 2015

The Jewish holiday based on the book of Esther has a message for Christians too!

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Megillas Lester
March 10, 2014

Movie Title: Megillas Lester Director: CJ Kramer Writers: Malka Josephs (script editor), CJ Kramer (written by), Kayla Rabinowich (script editor) Primary Actors (stars): Michael Bihovsky, Noah Bird, Jeanne Intile Burns Date released: March 3, 2014 Genre: Animation Duration: 1h 5min Reviewer: Arielle Blackburn Review date: March 10, 2014 If you celebrate Purim, the next major […]

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Bits from the Branches

Purim Quiz
January 26, 2013

Purim is early this year! This “minor” but very fun Jewish holiday begins at sundown on February 23.  Find out how much you know about Purim: Hegai, a less known character of the story, was: a person of strong philosophical leanings; his descendants eventually produced a guy who greatly influenced Karl Marx. a person of […]

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Judgment Day
March 7, 2012

A little over four months ago the world watched in horror as news reports showed graphic images of Muammar Gaddafi’s capture and execution in Libya.  No doubt many felt mixed emotions.  It is hard to find pity for a brutal dictator who enthusiastically sponsored terror and was responsible for the mass murder of so many […]

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A Purim Lesson: Taking Risks
March 6, 2011
Author: Susan Perlman

Purim is all about survival—the survival of the Jewish people. It is as relevant today as is was in the sixth century b.c. when the story of Purim (recorded in the book of Esther) first unfolded. It remains relevant because, as a people, we’ve faced continual threats to our survival.  In ancient Egypt it was […]

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Bits from the Branches
April 1, 2009

Washington, D.C.  What a joy to see God answer prayer as Jews for Jesus staff and volunteers brought the gospel to those who converged onWashington, D.C. to celebrate the presidential inauguration! Our staff and volunteers (totaling 201 people, including the largest network of volunteers we’ve had for any single event) handed out 113,200 copies of […]

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Purim: A Modern-Day Guide to Survival
March 1, 2009

These are trying times. As we’re confronted with an economic meltdown of global proportions, international terrorism, political upheaval and cultural decline, many can’t help wondering how we will survive such conditions. Jewish history has much to teach us about how God has preserved His people through times of upheaval and distress. This month, Jews around […]

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Lessons from Leaven
March 1, 2007
Author: Rich Robinson
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Bits from the Branches

Los Angeles Rob Wertheim reports, “Steve lives in Chula Vista (near San Diego) and had been exploring who Jesus is via our website. I met with him and learned that he’d been raised in an Orthodox Jewish home, with a Jewish mother and a Gentile father. Because he’d experienced anti- Semitism from what he believed […]

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Jewish Facts of Life
February 1, 2007

Purim, the Jewish holiday based on the book of Esther is Sunday, March 4. As with all holidays it begins at sundown the previous night.

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Bits from the Branches
April 1, 2006

New York These are the kinds of stories we remind ourselves of when we find it tough to hand out tracts: Gregory Furman reports, One Saturday after services at my congregation, a gentleman named Anatoly approached me and said, ‘You don’t remember me but about two years ago during the summer you were handing out […]

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Jewish Facts of Life: Purim
March 1, 2006

Purim began sundown, March 13, ends sundown today, March 15. Of all the joyful holidays in the Jewish calendar, Purim—the Feast of Esther—is a favorite. This two-day holiday gives us the chance to relate to the ancient history of our people in a personal way. And our participation allows an opportunity to reflect on the […]

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Haman, Hitler, Hussein

Evil Has a Name and It Begins with H” Many people don’t want to acknowledge that evil exists; they believe that people do bad things because circumstances or environment or conditioning leaves them no choice. Others know that evil exists but see it as a vague, unnamed malevolent force that somehow preys on innocent people. […]

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This month’s Jewish holiday is Purim
March 1, 2005

This year, Purim–the holiday commemorating events recorded in the Book of Esther–falls on March 25. Beginning March 18, Jews for Jesus will have a special Purim section online

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We Are Grateful…
September 1, 2004

Some of you have just begun receiving the Jews for Jesus Newsletter and some of you have been reading, praying and giving for years. To those who are new, thank you for taking an interest in our ministry and for giving us the opportunity to tell you about our mission. For those who have been […]

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Meet Jack and Alice Meadows
March 1, 2004

Jack and Alice Meadows are joint chaplains for our ministry, and Dr. Jack” is also a vital part of our missionary training program. Jack is Jewish and received Yeshua (Jesus) as Messiah in September of 1959, in Portland, Oregon. Alice received the Lord in a Southern Baptist church in Georgia at a young age. They […]

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It’s beginning to look a lot like Purim
February 1, 2004

This year Purim, (the Feast of Lots), falls on March 7 (technically sundown, March 6th) You’ll find the Purim story in the book of Esther. Scripture does not command us concerning this holiday, but it certainly is a tale worth retelling, as it narrates the wicked Haman’s attempted genocide of the Jewish people and God’s […]

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Survivor Stories Video Is Bearing Fruit
March 1, 2003

We are so thankful for the believing Holocaust survivors who were willing to give their recollections and testimonies on the Survivor Stories” video. Little by little we are hearing back from those whose lives it is touching. From Dnepropetrovsk, Valera Bolotov reports, “Olga is a Christian married to a Jewish man who does not believe […]

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Purim in Israel

Two of Our Tel Aviv Staff Tell of the Opportunities This Holiday Presents In Israel the festival of Purim (which falls on March 7 this year) is a truly joyous time. While it is a religious holiday, it is not commanded in the Law of Moses so it does not have the serious overtones of […]

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Tribute to the Real Hero
February 1, 2000
Author: Stephen Katz

There I stood, “Super Mordechai,” in my red-dyed long underwear, sporting a cape and a big “M” emblazoned on my thermal undershirt. I’m not sure if the costume shaped my understanding of Purim or vice versa, but for most of my life I have seen Mordechai as the hero of the story. As we read […]

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Messianic Scribal Arts: Megillot in North Carolina?

The hills of western rural North Carolina seem an unlikely home for Messianic Scribal Arts, a ministry which produces hand-scribed Hebrew scrolls of both the Old and New Testament Scriptures. Lisa and Deborah Bisol—who are both sisters and artists—also create mezzuzot, machzorim (worship books for holy days), and scriptural art pieces such as illuminated manuscripts, […]

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We Dared to Tell Them His Gospel
March 1, 1998
Author: Lynn McCoy

Handing out tracts at George Washington University in Washington, D.C. has never been an easy endeavor. We face our share of opposition from the Jewish student body, who would like to see us give up our attempts to share our faith. But as Victoria Lannon, our Russian outreach worker pointed out to me, Americans are […]

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Facts about Passover
April 1, 1993

Facts about Passover This year (1993) Passover will be celebrated April 5-13. Don’t forget to wish your Jewish friends a Happy Passover! If you are fortunate enough to be invited to a Passover celebration, you may want to brush up on some of the basic terminology. Here is a short glossary to help you feel […]

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Have You Come to the Kingdom for Such a Moment?
March 1, 1993
Author: Moishe Rosen

Someone once said, Everyone gets to be a celebrity for at least 15 minutes in his or her lifetime.” I cannot recall who said that, but it sounds reasonable if you take into account limelight occasions like birthdays, baptisms, christenings, bar mitzvahs and weddings. Nevertheless, what about those whose lives may not include such celebrated […]

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