promises of god for israel

Gaza and the God of Israel
July 18, 2014

Despite the circumstances, God is keeping Israel safe and reversing attempts to destroy her.

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Why Do the Nations Rage? Does the Bible Say Anything About the Middle East Conflict?
January 1, 2003
Author: Darrell Bock

Can the God of Israel be left out of our hope for peace?

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Israel: The Land and the People: An Evangelical Affirmation of God’s Promises
September 1, 1998
Author: Rich Robinson

H. Wayne House, ed. Grand Rapids, MI: Kregel Publications, 1998. 348 pages. $19.95, cloth; $15.99 paper. Purchase this book online. In 1997, a group of twelve scholars and writers came together in Jerusalem with some burning issues to explore: the place of Israel—the land and the people—in God’s plan. The resulting compendium, edited by H. […]

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Whose Land Is It?
July 1, 1985

The man had a responsible position in the Jordanian government at the time Jordan controlled East Jerusalem. As a diplomat, he was accustomed to hiding his strongest emotions under a thick cloak of civility. When I, a Jewish believer, broached the subject of Zionism with him, it was as though I had lit a short […]

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The Key to Israel’s Defense
Author: Martha Jacobs

The setting sun cast an enchanted glow on the fertile hills. I gazed upon the plush and verdant surroundings. Peach, apple, cherry and pistachio nut trees were plentiful. The fields were cultivated and teeming with life. Some modern structures stood out boldly, dotting the sides of a crude dirt road. I was at a high […]

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Another Holocaust?
September 1, 1984

Another holocaust? Perish the thought! How can we bear to think of another horror when the European holocaust massacred six million Jewish people, one third of all Jews living at the time. Of the six million, one million were children. PAINFUL MEMORIES Difficult to Face Only in the last several years have our Jewish people […]

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This Land is Mine
July 1, 1982

More often than not, the claim to Palestine as a Jewish homeland has been based upon historical and national rights. All this changed when Menachem Begin became Prime Minister of Israel. Historical and national claims were not discarded, but took secondary place to the Biblical claims which were now being set forth. Begin quoted heavily […]

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