passover recipes

Sponge Cake
January 24, 2013

Kosher for Passover super light and fluffy sponge cake

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Tzimmes – Carrot and Sweet Potato
January 24, 2012

Main Passover brisket dish served with a delicious carrot and sweet potato side dish (Tzimmes) often slow cooked with dried fruit.

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Gefilte Fish Recipe

Yiddish for “stuffed fish” Gefilte fish is a dish of ground fish mixture served cold during Passover.

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Roast Lamb Recipe

Classic Passover dish of Roast Lamb

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This sticky, sweet condiment is eaten on matzah with maror during the Passover Seder

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Matzah Kugel (with cheese)

Matzah Kugel is not only great to have at your own Seder but the perfect dish to bring to a friends’ seder.

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