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A Rising Tide of Anti-Semitism
February 27, 2017

A reporter for The Forward, a well-known Jewish newspaper based in New York City, asked what Jews for Jesus does to combat anti-Semitism. Among other things, we explained our commitment to inform Christian friends like you about this scourge wherever it raises its ugly head.

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A Non-Political Inauguration Pitch
January 16, 2017

Did you see the evangelistic postcard we’ll be handing out during the 2017 presidential inauguration? We mentioned it in last month’s RealTime but, as you can see below, we’ve now got a second postcard for the occasion. Whether people see the shifting political landscape as a change for the better or for the worse, we […]

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Remembering Babi Yar
October 14, 2016

Standing with our Jewish people in Kiev

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A story for someone you love
August 24, 2016

We’ve made hundreds of friends by offering this beautiful story free to those who didn’t know us, but then we thought… hey, we need to make the same offer to those who are already our friends!

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Catastrophe and Communion
July 25, 2016

This month many Jewish people will join in mourning over an especially tragic date. According to Jewish tradition,Tisha b’Av—or the ninth day of the month of Av—is the date of destruction for both the first and second temples in Jerusalem.

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Dare to Hope
September 22, 2015

What can we gain from Jeremiah’s advice to people who were completely and utterly devastated?

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A People of Destiny
August 21, 2015

Are you a person of destiny? Here are some thoughts on what that means.

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Is Jesus everything?
October 1, 2014

If we reinterpret God’s promises to Israel, we undermine the very basis for our confidence in the faithfulness of God.

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A Promise Kept
November 8, 2013

How do you feel when someone makes you a promise and then breaks it? Depending on the importance of the promise or the person, it might be anything from mild disappointment to a deep sense of betrayal. Or maybe you know what it’s like to be the one who broke a promise. The time when […]

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First And Also
January 1, 2010

Usually we quote Bible verses in their entirety, but I’ve noticed an exception: Romans 1:16. You’ve heard the words: For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ, for it is the power of God to salvation for everyone who believes.”  But how often do you hear the last nine words of this strong […]

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