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Making God smile
November 15, 2016
Author: David Brickner

It’s only human to focus on our problems, of course. But no matter what problems we may be facing, we still have so many reasons to thank God.

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Hurt, humility and honor
August 29, 2016

One of my favorite Bible stories is the unlikely tale of two lives unexpectedly entwined through terrible tragedy and profound desperation. It’s a story of surprising twists and transforming faith, and you’ll find it in 2 Kings, chapter 5. The story opens with Naaman, commander of the Syrian army, and a young Israeli servant.

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We’re in India: sharing the gospel with Israelis
August 3, 2016
Author: Jews for Jesus

The Massah team has moved on to India and you’ll never guess who they met in Manali! Read more

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Fear Versus Concern
September 9, 2011
Author: Moishe Rosen

*Thanks to our readers who’ve requested that we continue to publish articles by Jews for Jesus founder Moishe Rosen. The following was originally printed in our Newsletter in 1986, fifteen years before the 911 attacks. Ten years after those attacks, these words still ring true. During the dark days of World War II the free […]

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An Independence Problem
May 3, 2011

This month Israel is celebrating 63 years as a modern state. Yom HaAtzma’ut” (Israel’s national Independence Day) falls on May 9. With so much unrest in the Middle East and all the uprisings various countries have experienced over the last several months, one can only hope and pray for Israel to be joined by emerging […]

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Never Go Against God’s Anointed
November 1, 2010

This article contains descriptions, conversations and reflections of biblical characters that the author has imagined, based on Psalm 2; 1 Samuel 16, 24; 2 Samuel 5; 1 Kings 1-2. The two men leaned in close to one another, intent on a more intimate conversation than the bustle of the royal entourage swirling around them might […]

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A Tale of Two Kings and Two Betrayals by David Brickner, Executive Director
August 1, 2010

Act One There once was a King who loved God with all his heart. Yet he was far, very far, from being a perfect King.  In his anger he shed the blood of many men.  In his lust he defiled himself with women.  In his shame he hid his sin in deceitfulness and treachery.  God […]

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Forty-Nine Days of Purpose*
February 1, 2010

The clock is ticking a significant countdown for Israel right now. In fact, this countdown has been an annual event for more than 3,000 years. It is a biblical mandate to mark the time between two important Jewish festivals, Passover, which began at sundown, March 29, and Pentecost, which will take place starting at sundown […]

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