mosaic law

The Daft Punk Gospel
December 11, 2013

"Human attainment v. divine accomplishment" is a phrase I heard this past weekend to describe the major paradigms of faith worldwide. Human attainment is a core value in Judaism, for example. Pharisaical law – layering around each of the 613 commandments in Torah – further complicated religious life for the Jewish people of Yeshua’s (Jesus’) […]

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Is Dr. Laura’s Message Really Good Medicine?
September 1, 2000

Is this convert to Orthodox Judaism correct in enforcing a strict moral code?

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I’m a Jew for Moses
November 1, 1993
Author: David M.

If one claims to be a Jew for Moses” as a rebuttal to belief in Jesus, it’s wise to understand what that entails.”

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The Torah of God: Road Back or Road Block? A Look at Law in Judaism and Christianity
November 1, 1988
Author: Alan Shore

Through the centuries, one of the major areas of misunderstanding between the Jewish and Christian faiths has been the issue of the nature and role of the Torah as revelation from God. Judaism, on one hand, insists that no revelation supercedes that of the Torah revealed to Moses on Mt. Sinai. Some Christians, on the […]

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How Jewish Can a Jew for Jesus Be?
September 1, 1986

Jewish believers in Jesus are often accused by fellow Jews of not being Jewish enough in their practice. At the same time, there have always been believers in Jesus who labeled as legalism” any attempts by Jewish believers to keep Jewish practices. By legalism they usually mean an attempt to win God’s favor or their […]

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