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What your mother never told you about Jews for Jesus
May 19, 2014
Author: Matt Sieger

12 Questions and Answers from Jews for Jesus We have compiled a dozen frequently asked spiritual questions for Jewish seekers. Number 5, “What proof do you have that Jesus was the messiah,” has some of the highest traffic from our whole website. Note: These twelve questions are from our booklet, Questions & Answers from Jews…

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About Torah Observance
November 11, 2005

Introduction Among those groups that are sometimes considered part of the Messianic movement are those organizations and congregations that call themselves “Torah-observant,” or that emphasize obedience to the Law of Moses by another term. These groups can vary from the theologically orthodox regarding the person of Messiah and the Trinity, to theologically aberrant. Essentially, these…

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Grace Upon Grace
May 1, 1991

If you said to the average Christian, Isn’t it wonderful how God extends his grace to people in the New Testament?” you would probably get an immediate affirmation of, “Yes, it is!” But if you said to the same person, “Isn’t it wonderful how God extends his grace to people in the Old Testament?” the…

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Parsha: Re’eh (Deuteronomy 11:26 – 16:17)
January 1, 1970
Author: Glenn Harris
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