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Sneak Preview
June 1, 2010

Last month we showed you a bit of Moishe’s soon-to-be-completed biography. This month, we offer you excerpts from a deeply difficult episode of the Rosens’ lives so that you can get a glimpse of how God brought them through: In late summer of 1961 the couple [Moishe and Ceil] were surprised to find out that…

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We’re So Thankful…
October 1, 2009

For friends who give us the joy of knowing that we’ve had a part in helping them share their faith with Jewish people. About a year ago we told you about Marilee from Michigan. Marilee responded to one of Moishe’s Musings by calling all 77 Rosens in her phone book. She received contact information from…

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Should I Not Have Compassion
July 28, 2008
Author: Avi Snyder

In times past, we have sometimes offered advice on witnessing by publishing a “What do I say when they say?” column. We’ve also invited our readers to submit their questions in that form.

As Moishe has mused over one reader’s questions, he revised the format slightly in order to give a more meaningful answer. So, instead of “What do I say . . .” we’ll look at “What should I understand when my friend says . . .”

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WANTED! Trained Volunteers to be Co-Laborers in Messiah!
June 1, 2008

Do you have a burden for the Jewish people to know their Messiah? How about an opportunity to help Jews for Jesus reach areas where we do not have a regular branch or outpost? If that catches your attention, we’d like you to prayerfully consider joining our special band of friends known as Co-Laborers in…

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Chicago Views: Dolphins, Loops and the Blues
April 1, 2008

We’ve occasionally written about our witness at “Taste of Chicago,” but the Windy City hosts a variety of other festivals as well. We hope you enjoy these reflections from three of our missionaries who wanted to give you glimpses of three venues where we had a witness. Festival Of Cultures by Lyn Rosen Bond Our…

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A Double Blessing
January 1, 2008
Author: TeresaSischy

About a year ago, a Jewish believer named Stanley asked me to phone Rose, an older Jewish woman who might be open to hearing about Jesus. I telephoned Rose and was delighted when she readily agreed to meet with me. However she had one condition, and that was that her best friend, Gerty, could also…

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NEW STUFF: Please Pray!

New Outpost: We’ve had a work in Tel Aviv since 1994, but in August 2007 we opened a new outpost in Rishon L’Tzion, a coastal city with a beach on the Mediterranean Sea, just about seven miles south of Tel Aviv and half an hour from Jerusalem. With almost 200,000 people, Rishon L’Tzion (literally “First…

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Help Me Understand, Please!
February 1, 2007

Have you ever been angry at a television commercial? Many commercials manipulate people’s emotions and make misleading promises. It is easy to become desensitized to this. However, when I see commercials that make something that is meaningful and noble into a sales pitch, it arouses my sensitivities. The loftier the sentiment the more upset I…

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Not Everyone Rejoiced When Jesus was Born
December 1, 2006
Author: Avi Snyder

I have been exchanging e-mails with an Orthodox Jewish man named Mikhail, who regards my faith in Yeshua as blasphemous. He sees Jesus as a false prophet, and he looks upon me as one who worships other gods.” By way of contrast, I’m also e-mailing another Jewish man named Nathan, whom I first met during…

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Mel Hellman’s Story
October 1, 2006
Author: Mel Hellman

… My name is Mel Hellman. I was born in Akron, Ohio to a Jewish family and began religious training at an early age. (My parents were not very religious but they thought it would be good for me, and there was a temple quite close to our home.) But when we moved to California…

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Long Island Campaign . . . Jewish Dentist Meets the Great Physician
September 1, 2006
Author: Anne Elfbaum

One thing we hear on the streets and see in the Jewish newspapers is “Jews for Jesus is deceptive. They are not Jewish, their founder is a Baptist and Jews for Jesus was founded and continues to be backed by Baptists.” Geoff Robinson, one of our favorite Gentiles for Jesus, asked Moishe to comment on this. Here is what he said:

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Special Note
June 1, 2006

If you loved the graphic on the cover of our April newsletter, great, so do we. BUT we cannot give anyone permission to use it. You see, our artist, David Yapp, inadvertently re-invented the logo for the American Messianic Fellowship International! Seriously, it is almost identical to their copyrighted symbol. Thanks to AMF for being…

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