moishe rosen center

Our Tel Aviv branch hosted more than 600 Israelis
March 9, 2017

“Doing things Jesus’ way” includes being part of our local communities. In Tel Aviv, our Moishe Rosen Center gives us many opportunities to share what we have with our neighbors, and in so doing, to honor our Messiah.

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A sweet way to share the gospel with Israelis
January 20, 2017

Find out how Christmas cookies led to conversations about Christ.

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Young Israelis pose at our “Made in Florentin” photo booth.

Flourishing in Florentin
November 16, 2016

The Moishe Rosen Center engages with Tel Aviv’s artistic community during the “Made in Florentin” street fair

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A Tree Planted in Israel
August 10, 2016

Gratitude is a good thing, first gratitude to God, but also gratitude to one another. Find out why this beautiful sculpture hangs in the entrance of our Moishe Rosen Center (MRC) in Tel Aviv.

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Shining Jesus’ Light All Night
July 13, 2016

Tel Aviv’s Laila Lavan (White Night) is one of the city’s biggest cultural events of the year. It’s also one of our biggest opportunities to share the gospel.

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Artful Outreach
May 21, 2015

Another art exhibit at our Moishe Rosen center in Israel? Yes! See how creativity and outreach go hand in hand!

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The Multitudes

David Brickner explores ways to join Jesus in caring for the multitudes.

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