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A Thought for the High Holy Days

Dan Brown’s Ghost?
September 20, 2012
Author: Rich Robinson

Everyone’s going to be talking about it, so we might as well jump in here at Jews for Jesus. Over the past few days, the Internet has been ablaze in virtual neon over a discovery made by Harvard professor Karen King. Professor King has acquired a fragment of papyrus – the ancient equivalent of paper – that…

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Did He Or Didn’t He? Jewish Views of the Resurrection of Jesus
April 24, 2011
Author: David M.

Jewish scholars have paid more attention to the person of Yeshua (Jesus) in the last hundred years than they have in the previous nineteen hundred.

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…there is no real evidence that he ever existed
September 2, 1987

We disagree with Jane Kathryn Conrad’s letter in view of the following: (Adapted from Appendix 6 of the book, Yeshua, the Jewish Way to Say Jesus.) Josephus Jewish Antiquities (c.93 C.E.) (later interpolations in brackets) “Now, there was about this time Jesus, a wise man [if it be lawful to call him a man], for…

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