Small church, big ministry
January 18, 2017

Mikhail Vayshengolts reports from Tel Aviv, “The small church I attend asked me to speak at our evangelistic Christmas service for Russian-speakers. My topic was ‘Christmas is a Jewish holiday.’ At the end of the service three people prayed the Sinner’s Prayer. “The first was Maya, who, a few days earlier, had been to our…

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A Jewish watchmaker realizes it’s time to think about Jesus
January 5, 2017
Topics: hanukkah

What are the chances that, of all the people at a crowded Moscow subway station, our evangelist would stop this particular man as he was passing by?

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Hanukkah’s Historical Dilemma
November 9, 2016
Author: Stan Meyer

The Hebrew Scriptures predicted the specific events of the Hanukkah story hundreds of years before they occurred.

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The Hanukkah/Christmas Connection
Author: Diane Halm

Some years Hanukkah and Christmas collide. But what is the spiritual connection between the two holidays?

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Who is the Shammash?
November 30, 2012

Shammash is a Hebrew word that means servant. In the Jewish community, shammash (also spelled “shammas”) commonly refers to the sexton—the person who manages the synagogue facilities and keeps things running smoothly. In the Middle Ages the term referenced a more prestigious position. The shammash helped to conduct prayer, lead the worship services and even…

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Light in the Darkness
December 1, 2011

As David mentioned, one way that we deal with the Christ-less Christmas culture around us is to step up efforts to engage people in meaningful conversations about Jesus. That includes extra sorties (tract-passing expeditions). In Russia and Ukraine, our evangelists usually conduct what they refer to as mini-Hanukkah campaigns. Last year they named their special…

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Festivals of Light
December 1, 2009

December’s landscape is dominated by the artistry of light. In cities and suburbs, from store windows to neighborhoods strung with holiday decor, the beauty and attraction of light is wonderfully inescapable, inviting all to embrace the festive mood. Would that those lights might point beyond their own beauty to the deeper significance found in God,…

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Tough Jews: Hanukkah, Heroism and the Identity of the Messiah
December 10, 2004
Author: Rich Robinson

There is more than one way to view strength when it comes to the Jewish people and the Jewish Messiah.

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Christmas Would Be Impossible Without Hanukkah
December 1, 2002

Find out why without Hanukkah, there would be no Christmas.

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The BYG Pic

In case you are new to Jews for Jesus, Operation Behold Your God is our five-year dream of reaching every city* of 25,000 or more Jewish people (*outside of Israel, where we do have a flourishing work). Our month-long Los Angeles BYG campaign will run from December 16-January 11, making it our last campaign of…

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Parallels and Contrasts of Hanukkah and Christmas

Hanukkah Christmas MACABEES A small band of guerilla fighters supernaturally defeat the King of Syria and all his resources MESSIAH Baby Yeshua (Jesus) supernaturally survives despite Herod’s death warrant on all boys his age: “Now when they had departed, behold, an angel of the Lord appeared to Joseph in a dream, saying, ‘Arise, take the…

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Sometimes You Just Go On
December 1, 2001
Topics: hanukkah
Author: Lyn Bond

Behold Your God Chicago was in its fourth and final week when it happened. Teams of people were handing out gospel tracts on the streets even as the World Trade Center was hit. I was home when it happened, getting ready to go and visit two women for individual Bible studies. I prayed to seek…

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The BYG Pic
December 1, 2000
Topics: hanukkah

News flash: We recently came across an article stating that the Jewish population of Portland, Oregon has grown to 25,000. If you saw our special October newsletter you know that 25,000 is the exact number that qualifies a city for Operation Behold Your God. We’ll check out the information, but chances are, that means an…

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A Message from Moishe: God Wants us to Rejoice But…
December 1, 1997
Topics: hanukkah
Author: Moishe Rosen

God wants us to rejoice every day, but often we find ourselves rejoicing more when we celebrate particular holidays or life events. While there is nothing wrong with using particular occasions as a time to rejoice, I think we need to be careful how we celebrate. Too much rejoicing over the events and conditions of…

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Hanukkah in Tradition, Worship, and the Ministry of Jesus
November 1, 1990
Author: Rich Robinson

  Date Begins on the 25th of Kislev (falling in November or December). Duration Lasts for eight days. Meaning of Name Feast of Dedication. Other Name Festival of Lights. Important sources of information First and Second Maccabees; Josephs, Antiquities 12:7; John 10:22; Sabbat 21b (in the Talmud). History Historically Hanukkah recounts the victory of the…

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Frieda Zuckerman’s Christmas
November 1, 1989

In our home, as in most Jewish homes, we had a mezuzah on our doorpost. I stood before it and asked God, if he really existed, to explain these things to me.

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Even the Paper Chase Is Not in Vain
December 1, 1988
Topics: hanukkah

In Jewish evangelism administration is a necessary evil.” Without someone to handle preparation and organization, administrative work could easily tie the hands of the missionaries. I am a missionary with Jews for Jesus and over the past four years I’ve been ministering in Los Angeles as office manager. I find this a satisfying way to…

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She Discovered She Could Be Jewish
December 1, 1987
Topics: hanukkah

Barbara is 25. She works full-time for a large financial corporation in New York City. Though zealously Jewish in identity, she never was interested in God. Her parents, Russian in life and culture, did not teach their daughter about God. Part-time attendance at a college near our New York Jews for Jesus office brought Barbara…

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The Miracle of the New Birth
December 1, 1985
Topics: hanukkah
Author: Bette Caley

You’re so stubborn, Sonya, so stubborn!” The voice pierced through the cacophony of street sounds that filtered into my New York living quarters. A few minutes later, my Christian friend, the owner of the voice, knocked on my door. “Bette, I thought you were going to make Sonya into a Christian. That’s what Jews for…

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