great tribulation

You Think You’ve Got Problems? What is the Great Tribulation?

If God is going to bring an end to the injustice and suffering in this world (and He promises to do so), it must come down to a terrible trial. That trial is called the Great Tribulation and it is described in the New Testament book of Revelation.

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Future Hope: A Jewish Christian Look at the End of the World
Author: John Van Dyke

Book Title: Future Hope Author: David Brickner Date Published: July 2002 Publisher: Moody Publishers Genre: 1. Messianic Judaism 2. Prophecies 3. Eschatology ISBN: 978-0802428653 Reviewer: John Van Dyke What quality is most essential to a meaningful life? Researchers were surprised when approximately 60% of respondents to a survey asking that question said their number one…

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The Late Great Planet Earth
Author: Mitch Glaser

Book Title: The Late Great Planet Earth Author: Hal Lindsey (Author), Carole C. Carlson (Contributor) Date Published: May 23, 1970 Publisher: Zondervan Genre: 1. Prophecies 2. Prophecy 3. Bible Study ISBN: 978-0310277712 Reviewer: Mitch Glaser When is a prophet a prophet? Hal Lindsey says, The answer lies in the test of a true prophet which…

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