endorsements from messianic leaders

Letter from Robert Specter
December 1, 2003

To Whom It May Concern: It is my pleasure and duty to come to the defense of Jews for Jesus. There is a saying, to give honor to whom honor is due.” This organization has made a tremendous impact on me and Rock of Israel Ministries. Jews for Jesus has been a lighthouse of information,…

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Letter from Steve Cohen
Author: Steve Cohen

Shalom — peace to you in Yeshua — the messiah! I am not an ex-Jew, nor am I am ex-for Jesus! My name is Steve Cohen and I served with Jews for Jesus from June 22, 1976 to July 31,1996. I began as a volunteer in Seattle in 1974. After meeting Moishe Rosen at Lutheran…

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Letter from Theresa Newell

Jews for Jesus 30th Anniversary By Theresa Newell Lausanne Consultation on Jewish Evangelism (LCJE) North America Coordinator In 1980 LCJE was organized as a result of decisions made at a Lausanne Committee for World Evangelization consultation in Thailand. That same year I opened the first U.S. office for the historic Anglican ministry among Jewish people,…

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Letter from Torkild Masvie

I have known the Jews for Jesus organization and senior staff for years. They are an organization with fundamental integrity, i.e. they live up to their stated goals with no hidden agenda. They are characterized by their clear, sober, biblical theology which is in line with the principles of the reformation. They represent a clear…

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Letter from Wes Taber
Author: Wes Taber

Often in a ministry context I am asked, How are you different from Jews for Jesus?” My usual response is, “Jews for Jesus is a sister organization. We believe the same things, and have the same goal: to see Jewish people come to know Messiah Jesus and grow in their faith.” I thank the Lord…

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Letter from Abraham Sandler
January 28, 2003

January 28, 2003 For more than 20 years I have known of and related to the Jews for Jesus organization. I have had their staff speak in my congregation that I pastored, and I have participated with them in various ministry endeavors. In all of my experience with them I have found them to be…

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