Trading Spouses
May 1, 2005

Here’s a story to ponder: a couple (call them John and Joanne) approaches their 25th wedding anniversary. You are invited to their celebration. You arrive early. John answers the door, and to your surprise, the woman at his side is not Joanne. Somewhat taken aback, you greet John and ask where his wife is. He…

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Twice Married (to each other!), Twice Blessed, An Interview with Jack and Renee Diamond
May 1, 2003

Tell me about your upbringing. RENEE: I grew up in a loving Jewish home. I remember enjoying Christmas carols and wondering who Jesus was, but in my house we were told that Jesus wasn’t for us. JACK: Unlike Renee, my upbringing was quite turbulent. My mother suffered from emotional and mental problems that caused her…

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Odds & Ends: You’re Not Odd and This Isn’t the End
April 1, 1991
Author: Ruth Rosen

Did the article on

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