Wonder What You Can Do with the Wonderbook?

Scores of books on evangelism are available, but little has been written that presents the gospel to Jewish children. There are not many materials on the market for Jewish children that are biblical, user-friendly, imaginative and affordable. It is almost as if the evangelical pen has run dry when it comes to creatively and sensitively […]

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Virtual Disciples

It was a communication breakdown. MySpace, Facebook, Friendster, Photobucket, Skype, AIM, personal websites, e-mails—unavailable. All we could do was relate to . . . each other. Mere miles would not have hindered access to family and friends—but between our schedule, a computer shortage and the expense of overseas phone calls, the usual flow of electronic […]

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The Making of a Trainer

Many of you have met a Jews for Jesus missionary who spoke with confidence at a local church, or maybe you’ve met one of us handing out our gospel broadsides on a street corner. Did you ever wonder what it takes for a missionary to speak confidently, and (we hope) be a proficient evangelist? It […]

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How Shall We Then Write?

One of my favorite college assignments came in a Children’s Literature class at San Francisco State University, when my professor asked us to read 100 assorted story and picture books. I spent several delightful Saturday afternoons in the public library, enmeshed in the mischievous mishaps of Curious George and fearless little Miss Madeline. Those were […]

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A Daily Reminder
Author: Peter Rice

Sometimes I reminisce about people I’ve had an opportunity to minister to, and I wonder how their spiritual journey is going. I’ve been in Washington for almost ten years, and many whom I’ve helped lead to faith have since moved away. Some-times God brings us into people’s lives for a brief season, but sometimes ministry […]

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An Old Command
Author: Stephen Katz

Havurah. It’s a good title for a messianic publication, don’t you think? After all, the word means company, band or group.” In fact, in Hebrew, the root of the word is used to make other words like “join together, friend, member, society, partner and gang.” We who are Jewish and believe in Yeshua belong to […]

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The Trouble You Need
Author: Moishe Rosen

I have a New Year’s greeting for all my friends—one I know they will not receive from anyone else: In this coming year may you have as much joy, prosperity and happiness as you can contain, and may you have only enough trouble to produce in you the quality of life God desires. That may […]

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Following Yeshua
Author: Dan Strull

New believers in Yeshua often face a bewildering array of questions about their new faith—and may not know where to turn for answers. Author Ruth Rosen has written an effective discipleship manual particularly suited for new Jewish believers in Jesus, called Following Yeshua. This attractive wire-bound book encourages a new believer to dig into the […]

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Growing in the Vineyard

Examples from nature often are the best sources of God’s simple” wisdom that we human beings can apply to our “complex” lives. Every Jew for Jesus missionary has had some experience in discipling new Jewish believers. Each of us have made some mistakes as we helped others to grow, but even in these we have […]

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