born again

Good Not Good Enough?
October 1, 1999

Most of us know unbelievers, whether Jewish or Gentile, who are such good people that we have difficulty believing that when they die, they will not enter the Kingdom of God. Everything in our finite minds wants to assure us that, somehow, God will make an exception for these people. We remind ourselves that we…

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Twice Presented Leads to Twice Born…
May 1, 1995
Topics: born again
Author: Steve Cohen

It was the next to last day of my deputation tour in early April of 1994, and I was tired and homesick. I had been presenting Christ in the Passover at various Florida churches for nearly three weeks. I arrived early at the church in Ocala. I had been there for a Christ in the…

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Twice-Born Seed of Abraham: From Feuding Cousins to Loving Brothers and Sisters in Christ
July 1, 1992
Topics: born again

It was a several-hour drive into the desert. The 32 passengers in our motorized caravan were all believers in Jesus, their number equally divided between Jews and Arabs. Not knowing one another, most of the 16 Arabs rode with Arabs, and the 16 Jews rode with other Jews. Soon this would change. The purpose for…

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