Bits from the Branches

Jewish Core Values, Jesus and You Part Four
January 31, 2013
Author: Rich Robinson

Jewish Core Value Honor of parents, called kibud av va’em (“honor of father and mother”) Old Testament Basis The commandment to honor* one’s parents is found in both versions of the Ten Commandments, where it comes attached to a promise from God. (*Some translations say “fear” or “be in awe of.”) Honor your father and…

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An Age-Old Challenge
January 1, 1990

Growing old is no joy, but Pearl Weinberg hadn’t realized how awful it could be until the death of her beloved Jacob. Two years had passed, but she often forgot Jacob was gone and set the table for two or bought herring (which she had never liked!) because it was a favorite of his. It…

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You’re Never Too Old
March 1, 1987
Topics: aging

A long-standing question tossed around by theologians, scholars and the merely curious is this: What is the earliest age at which someone becomes accountable to God in acknowledging the Messiah and being responsible for his or her sins? However, there is another aspect of the accountability question that is not discussed: When, if ever, does…

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