Heaven: Experiencing It & Sean Trank
July 7, 2014

Two months ago my brother-like friend and co-worker, Sean Trank, asked me to write something about heaven for others to read. In light of his recent passing, I honor his request today.

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Don’t All Good People Go to Heaven?
January 21, 2008
Author: Matt Sieger

Many people do not believe in a literal heaven so for them, the question “Who goes there?” is moot. The late Dr. Louis Goldberg once told of the time that he went into the store of a Jewish proprietor:

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What Do We Do With Yizkor?
August 1, 1998
Author: Stephen Katz

What childhood images do the High Holidays stir in your memory? I remember my impatience over the seemingly endless synagogue services balanced with the excitement of knowing something special was happening. Then there was the unusual sight of Jews in uniform, piling in from a nearby naval base to worship with us. They helped pack…

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The Facts of Death
April 1, 1995

Some believe that we are the same as other Jews and have merely added our faith in Jesus as an extension of Judaism. This is not true! Our faith in Yeshua causes us to be different in many ways, and those differences are not insignificant. They are matters of life and death.… I was too…

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What Happens After I Die? Jewish Views of Life After Death
September 1, 1994
Author: Stan Meyer

Book Title: What Happens After I Die? Author: Rifat Sonsino (Author), Daniel B. Syme (Author) Date Published: July 1, 1990 Publisher: Urj Press; Paperback edition Genre: 1. Theology ISBN: 978-0807403563 Reviewer: Stan Meyer Review Date: Sep 1, 1994 When Rabban Johanan ben Zakkai fell ill, his disciples went in to visit him. When he saw…

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God and Carpeting: The Theology of Woody Allen
March 1, 1993
Author: David M.

A red-haired boy sits next to his mother in the psychiatrist’s office. She is describing her son’s problems and expressing her disappointment in him. Why is he always depressed? Why can’t he be like other boys his age? The doctor turns to the boy and asks why he is depressed. In a hopeless daze the…

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Hell, Let’s Face It…!
May 1, 1991
Author: Susan Perlman

Former New York Yankees manager Joe McCarthy had a dream in which he was in heaven and had assembled before him a baseball team of old time greats—Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, et al. He was ecstatic! Then the phone rang and it was Satan calling to challenge the heavenly baseball team to a ball game….

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January 1, 1990
Author: Lyn Bond

All who have fallen asleep in hope of Him shall rise again. — Apocrypha: II Baruch, 30.2 New Agers have popularized the idea of afterlife, out of body experiences and reincarnation. There is a plethora of material for those who want to know more about what happens on the other side of the grave. A…

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Afterlife Excerpts
Topics: afterlife

I didn’t use to believe in any kind of an eternal existence. Still there was always that possibility that there may be another place where we’re going to be accountable, so I tried to live in light of that. I knew that there was a God. When I was 47 years old (16 years ago)…

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So Where Do We Go From Here?
July 1, 1986

Death. Can any experience be more final? Obituary notices placed in the Jerusalem Post read: Sarah is no more.” “Jacob has departed from us.” These words, while not intended to cause consternation, leave a person empty, haunted with the question: “Where did they go? Where will I go? Who can know?” Most people rationalize the…

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The Final Encounter?
January 1, 1984

Mankind has been confronted with the experience of death since the beginning of time, and yet there is hardly another subject about which we know so little. Modern man chooses to escape from the awesome awareness of his own mortality and seeks ways to isolate himself from those approaching death. Why is this? The Scriptures…

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Through Death’s Door: and Back!
Author: Lyn Mann

Through Death’s Door—and Back! by Lyn Mann This article originally appeared in ISSUES 3:3 I was a very fortunate person. I had a loving husband, children who were a source of joy and satisfaction, a beautiful home, a profession as a teacher who loved teaching. Most importantly, I had a relationship with God. To me,…

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Life After Life?
January 1, 1982

Is there life after death? Throughout history, men of every nation and culture have been intrigued with this notion. The Jewish Scriptures, the Tenach,have a great deal to say about life, resurrection and eternity. For most of my life I believed once someone died, that was it—six feet under the ground and a state of…

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