Passover heads the list of yearly feasts that God commanded the Israelites to celebrate. It commemorates how God redeemed the Jewish people from slavery in Egypt, while at the same time paving the way to understand an even greater redemption that Jesus offers to people of all backgrounds. The love and respect that some Christians have demonstrated for this holiday has piqued the curiosity of many Jewish people.

We Jews for Jesus enjoy the holiday for its traditions and the opportunity to identify with our people.  We love the beautiful symmetry God created in laying a foundation for understanding the gospel within this holiday. And we do our best to act on the opportunities the holiday affords to present the gospel in a most Jewish context.

Following are some Passover words for you to know, ways for you to grow more familiar with the holiday, and a challenge for you to show Jewish friends why Passover is important to you.

A brief glossary* of pertinent Passover terms:

 Aphikomen (afikomen). Hebrew transliteration for Greek derivative, epikomios. That which comes last," the hidden Passover bread eaten at the seder.

Bedikat Chametz. Hebrew for the formal search for leaven before Passover.

Chametz (chometz). Hebrew for any fermented product of grain and all leavening agents; "that which makes sour."

Dayenu. Hebrew title of a Passover song meaning "It would have been sufficient."

Haggada. Hebrew for the book that sets forth and explains the seder service.

Pesah. Hebrew for the holiday of Passover.

Seder. Hebrew for "set order"; the ritual Passover meal that is observed in a specific order.

Please join us for a Christ in the Passover presentation or seder!

 Our missionaries have been traveling all over creation to minister in churches that have kindly scheduled us to present Christ in the Passover. Once the tours are over, we'll be having Passover banquets in most of our branches.

We would love to have you join us as we celebrate the Lamb of God and show how He is revealed through the Feast of Passover.

To check out whether or not a church in or near your area will be hosting one of these presentations, go to:

These are opportunities for you to soak in the rich heritage that is yours through Jesus, the Jewish Messiah. They are also opportunities for us to meet and greet you and let you know how much we appreciate your involvement with Jews for Jesus.

Remember to invite friends who need to know Jesus

As much as we want to edify the members of churches that host us, we are so grateful that those churches are partnering with us to reach the lost. Inviting your friends to these presentations can be a great way to witness. Following, you will see stories that show how God has used Passover presentations and seders to bring people to faith—and many if not most seekers come at the invitation of friends like you!

*Excerpted from a lengthier glossary that appears in the book, Christ in the Passover, by Moishe and Ceil Rosen, published by Moody Publishers. The book presents an in depth look at the original Passover, Passover at the time of Christ, contemporary Passover celebrations and much more. It's a wonderful way to gain a thorough understanding of this holiday. 

This content was adapted from an earlier Jews for Jesus article.