Michael Sischy

Michael Sischy Johannesburg

Branch Leader

Dr. Michael Sischy qualified as a general medical practitioner from the University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg, South Africa in 1993. He joined Jews for Jesus in January 1999 after being active in the state and private health care sectors for five years.

Michael comes from a traditional Orthodox Jewish background. His mother’s death from colon cancer in 1990 started him on a search for answers to life’s tough questions, and in 1994, he found the answers in Yeshua. Michael is married to Teresa, and they have two sons: Eliyah and Ariel.

Michael enjoys nothing more than sitting down with a Jewish person over a cup of coffee and showing them their Messiah in the Torah and the Prophets. He has no greater joy than when their eyes are opened by the Holy Spirit to their inheritance that they have in Yeshua, their Jewish Messiah.