Maia Hamilton

Maia Hamilton London


Maia is Israeli-Norwegian and has been living in London for about five years. She was born in Jerusalem and grew up in an interfaith household. When she was 18, she was searching for meaning and trying to find answers to the big questions in life. God made Himself known to her through Yeshua (Jesus) when she was living in Norway, and she has since had a burden for her Jewish people. As she went back to visit her family in Israel after coming to faith, she noticed how they didn’t have access to Jesus. How is it that the nation that received the revelation of the living God doesn’t know the most precious gift He gave?

Maia has a BA in social science and communication from the University of Agder. When she first came to London, she worked in an Israeli start-up until she felt pulled to dedicate herself to full-time ministry. She is serving as a missionary on the Israeli team in London. They seek to engage Israeli people with the gospel and equip those who are open to following Jesus. They also want to serve the community with the needs they have being in the diaspora. Maia is also involved in Jewish Gentile Couples ministry.