Lionel Gimelfarb

Lionel Gimelfarb Paris


Lionel was born in Lausanne, Switzerland to a multicultural family with his Jewish father being from Argentina and his mother from a Swiss-English background. He came to the Messiah in 2003 and began full-time missionary work in Switzerland two years later. Lionel received a bachelor’s degree in theology in 2012. He continues to be passionate about mission work and is now serving in Paris. Lionel is also a qualified fitness instructor and used sports and fitness to reach out to young and old alike during Behold Your God Jerusalem in 2018 and now uses it in France.

Lionel is a member of the international team of counselors for Jewish-Gentile couples and runs the Gilgal camps in France. He is married to Valérie, and they have three sons: Marc, Luca, and Noah.