Dina Markova

Dina Markova Berlin

Outreach Worker

I was born in Odessa, Ukraine, in 1951, but for the first 17 years of my life I lived in Magadan with my mother. Then we returned to Odessa. I studied music, technology, and clothing design. When the doors of the Soviet Union began to open, I tried to emigrate to Israel, but could not do so because my mother would not give me a written permission for the embassy. So I went back to my study and to my work. I got married but ten years later my husband died. God however blessed me with a wonderful son during that period. I came to know the Lord when my son was very young. I’d been seeking God for some time when I read a tract of Jews for Jesus and gave them my contact information because I wanted to learn more. Soon after that, I took my little son to Kiev for a complicated heart surgery, and in the hospital, the mother of another little patient shared the Gospel with me. When I saw how God spared my son, I returned to Odessa with my heart open to the Lord. When shortly after that a Jews for Jesus missionary called to meet with me, I was fully ready for that and prayed to receive Y’shua in that meeting.

In 1993, I began to help Jews for Jesus as a volunteer. In 1995, I joined the ministry and continue to serve with Jews for Jesus now, after my move to Germany.